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    Jan 2012
    DH (64): Oscar Phineas Goodwin
    DW (61): Amelia Ruby Goodwin (nee Day)

    DS1 (38): Daniel Francis Goodwin
    -DW: Harriet Olivia Goodwin (nee Clark)
    --DD: Iris Anastasia Goodwin
    --DS: River Elliot Goodwin
    --DD: Bryony Rosamond Goodwin

    DD1 (37): Audrey Sophia Prince (nee Goodwin)
    -DH: Louis Donovan Prince
    --DS/DD: Alexander Luca Prince and Annabel Violet Prince
    --DD: Xenia Dominique Prince
    --DS: Maxfield Gideon Prince "Max"

    DD2 (35): Helena Juliet Whitaker (nee Goodwin)
    -DH: Tyson Dempsey Whitaker
    --DS: Dash Magnus Whitaker
    --DS: Simon Rex Whitaker

    DS2 (33): Miles Levi Goodwin
    -DW: Matilda Edith Goodwin (nee Fowler)
    --DD: Daisy Elizabeth Goodwin
    --DD: Lydia Phoenix Goodwin
    --DD: Elodie Maria Goodwin

    DS3 (32): Rupert Alastair Goodwin
    -DW: Petra Izabel Goodwin (nee Matthews)
    --DS: Elijah Philip Goodwin
    --DD: Charlotte Deborah Goodwin
    --DS/DS: Marshall Silas Goodwin and Abram Sawyer Goodwin
    --DD: Maeva Josephine Goodwin
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    Aug 2012
    LN: Waters

    DGF: Oliver Byron Waters (69)
    DGM: Julia Matilda Waters (67)

    DS1: Benjamin Peter Waters (45)
    DD1: Mae Greer Waters (42)
    DD2: Lila Arabella Waters (40)
    DS2: Chance Jed Waters (36)
    DS3: Euan Trevor Waters (35)

    DS1: Benjamin Peter Waters (45)
    DW: Stephanie Harriet Waters (43)
    -DD: Aspen Juliette Waters (15)
    -DS: River Elliot Waters (12)
    -DD: Violet Maisie Waters (9)

    DD1: Mae Greer (Waters) Ellis (42)
    DH: Lionel Dexter Ellis (43)
    -DS/DD: Atticus Dexter Ellis and Adelaide Matilda Ellis (13)
    -DD: Alexandria June Ellis (9)
    -DS: Amias Luke Ellis (5)

    DD2: Lila Arabella Waters-Glade (40)
    DW: Maris Emmett Waters-Glade (40)
    -DS: Ryder Jude Waters-Glade (12)
    -DS: Jasper Rex Waters-Glade (4)

    DS2: Chance Jed Waters (36)
    DH: Nicholas Harold Waters (32)
    -DD: Hannah Wren Waters (5)
    -DD: Elodie Emma Waters (nb) "Ellie"

    DS3: Euan Trevor Waters (35)
    DW: Elle Naomi Waters (35)
    -DS: Noah Milo Waters (13)
    -DD: Sophie Iris Waters (10)
    -DS/DS: Greyson Wyatt Waters and Asher Westin Waters (6)
    -DD: Lea Florence Waters (1)

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    Jul 2014
    Jamie Lynn
    ♂ | Bradley Edmund Emmett Jacob James Matthew Michael Seth
    ♀ | Aria Charlotte Eleanor Eve Helena Lily Madelyn Nora Rose

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    Dec 2011
    LN: Your choice
    DH: Jacob Isaiah
    DW: Matilda Josephine

    Son #1: Alexander Benjamin
    His wife: Olivia Theodora

    Daughter #1: Sophia Grace
    Her husband: Jackson Miles

    Daughter #2: Isabella Mirabel
    Her husband: Hunter Bronson

    Son #2: Wyatt Jackson
    His wife: Adrian Leopold

    Son #3: Trevor Rhys
    His wife: Giselle Magdelena

    The grandchildren
    Children of Son #1:
    DD: Ivy Savannah
    DS: Rio Crosby
    DD: Lily Aurora

    Children of Daughter #1:
    DS/DD: Aiden Homer & Annabel June
    DD: Maxine Avalon
    DS: Orson Michael

    Children of Daughter #2:
    DS: Ryder Edward
    DS: Timothy Dixon

    Children of Son #2:
    DD: Sadie Addison
    DD: Sarah Avis
    DD: Saskia Anne

    Children of Son #3:
    DS: Alexander James
    DD: Juliana Spring
    DS/DS: Remington Jayce & Theodore Jaxson
    DD: Lucienne Ayn

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