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Thread: Hattie???

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    I adore Hattie and love the combination Hattie Matilda.
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    I love Hattie! I don't think I could ever use it b/c I know my husband wouldn't like it. But I love. Super cute!! I like one syllable middle names when you have a 2 syllable first. Like Hattie Maude, Hattie Pearl, Hattie Grace, etc. That said, my daughter has a 2 syllable first with a 4 syllable second. Hattie Elizabeth..also nice. I guess it would depend if you have any family names you want to use!
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    I really like this name. It definitely has vintage charm and I can see it growing with a little girl. I see it on a sweet yet sassy girl!

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    Love Hattie. Really dislike Hadley though.

    Maybe Charlotte nn Lottie or Madeleine nn Maddie? Much more common though....
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    I really dislike Hattie - like a previous poster said, it has historical connotations of being a lower-class, maid, or servant type name. Also, it sounds too much like a nickname for my taste.

    Names that have a similar feel but that I like more are (all in their nn form, for whatever longer name you'd want)

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