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    Riverdale Middle School Round 5

    --I made one already but it didn't show so I'm gonna do another--

    Now is time for the rest of the staff
    1 Principal
    1 Vice Principal
    2 Counselors
    1 School Nurse
    2 Special Education Teachers
    1 Computers Teacher

    Age: Roll 50 sided die add to 20
    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Teacher's, their SOs and Grandchildren.
    1. 8 letters long
    2. (Norse Myth, Bulgarian, Basque, Roman Myth and Transformer)
    3. (Frisian, Spanish, Armenian, Irish and Galician)
    4. Contains a V and D
    6. Boys:
    7. Starts with D
    8. Contains an I and E
    9. (Child's First or Middle Name)
    10. (Kreatyve)
    11. (Maine, 1982)
    12. Contains an O and R
    13. Starts with S
    14. Animal Name
    15. (5 of correct gender and choose)
    16. Boys:
    Girls: (box in middle, but listed as a boys name)
    17. Boys: Magic, Whiskey, Darcy, Quinn, Tux, Echo, Romeo, Boone, Turbo, Arthur, Mosley, Captain, Rascal, Sam, Bon, Bandit, Alfie, Fric, Scout, Will, Petey, Jefferson, Frankie, Luke, Roofus, Mac, Hercamur, Cody, Sylvester, Sammy, Hank, Wayne, Sean, Duke, Guero, Charley, Joseph, Bradbury, Chase, Chester, Diesel, Bullet, Remy, Seuss, Panda, Bear, Sport, Dexter, Chevy, Jo
    Girls: Magic, Kaylee, Darcy, Quinn, Xara, Echo, Sparkles, Mosley, Sam, Bon, Kittie, Titi, Scout, Gigi, Rainy, Trisket, Misty, Frankie, Shandi, Zelda, Millie, Lexis, Sheba, Sammy, Tempest, Annabella, Rosalie, Maeve, Lola, Charley, Chase, Sheena, Xena, Tazzie, Remy, Elsa, Lexi, Baby, Julie, Tanya, Lotti, Dotty, Delilah, Opal, Coco, Sugar, Amy, Jo, Candy, Salcia
    18. (first or last name from the list)
    19. Starts with O
    20. Contains a J and E

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Worthington, Bingle, Rocha, Conran, Berkus, Brent, Baumgartner, Pare, Kastner, James, de la Cruz, Swanek, Jenner, Bernthal, Angle, Seymour, Mallon, Blanchett, Upton, Underwood
    2. Bogart, Bergman, Henreid, Rains, Verdt, Greenstreet, Lorre, Sakall, Lebeau, Wilson, Page, Qualen, Kinskey, Bois, Mitchell, O'Neil, Leigh, Keyes, Rutherford
    3. Truffles, Bo, Velvet, Pebbles, Benni, Kiya, Bubba, Gump, Domino, Honey, Bee, Missy, Kaiser, Wilhelm, Barcelona, Taz, Lucky, Doria, William, Amy
    4. (senator's last name)
    6. (from box in middle)
    8. (generate 5, both genders and choose a last name given)
    12. (from famous people named Ethel and choose a last name)
    13. (from the best nature names)
    14. Contains a P and R
    15. Starts with Q
    16. Thomas, Broderick, Jones, Irons, Kelly, Calame, Sabella, Lane, Guillaume, Atkinson, Sinclair, Goldberg, Marin, Eastwood, Hackman, Harris, Linney, Glenn, Haysbert, Davis
    17. Contains an X and I
    18. Last Name of One of Your Middle School Teachers
    19. (last name of anyone on the list)
    20. Ends with C

    Roll for Relationship Status
    1. engaged
    2. divorced
    3. engaged
    4. widowed
    5. married
    6. boyfriend/girlfriend
    7. single
    8. married
    9. married
    10. if under 25 single, 26-35 married, over 36 divorced
    11. bisexual (odd-male, even-female)
    12. single
    13. divorced
    14. Under 40 divorced, Over 40 widowed
    15. married
    16. married
    17. homosexual
    18. boyfriend/girlfriend
    19. married
    20. married

    Biological Kids
    Under 30
    1-5=that number 6=1 7=2 8=3 9-10=none 11-12=roll 4 sided die
    Over 30
    1-8=that number 9-10=none 11-12=roll 4 sided die

    Age: If parent is under 50. their age -15 roll that sided die. Highest number is infant. If over 50. Roll 35 sided die and add to number of years over 50 the parent is 35=Zero

    Adopted Kids
    1. none
    2. none
    3. If over 30 or no other children roll 4 sided die
    4. roll 4 sided die
    5. roll 6 sided die
    6. none
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. none

    Ages: Parent's age -20 roll that sided die

    Step Kids
    1. none
    2. none
    3. if over 30 or no other kids roll 4 sided die
    4. none
    5. none
    6. roll 6 sided die
    7. none
    8. none
    9. roll 4 sided die
    10. none

    Ages: Parent's age -15 -Age of Oldest Child then add to age of oldest child

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Kids
    1. Boys:
    2. Boys:
    3. (Roman Myth, Theology, Romanto, Dutch and Armenian)
    4. (pick a book or character and choose a name)
    5. (Czech, Occitan, Serbian, Tsang and Indian)
    6. Starts with H
    7. Contains a G and I
    8. Boys: Ends in -Son
    9. (1957, top 100)
    11. (generate 8 words)
    12. Boys:,_Missouri
    Girls: (use teacher's name and Philosophical)
    13. Contains an S and K
    15. Boys: Old Man Names
    16. Boys: 3 syllables or longer
    17. Boys:
    Girls: 4 syllables or longer
    18. (from any european characters page)
    19. 5 letters long
    20. (first or last name of any of the Reps of Alaska)

    For any child over 18 use same relationship and kids as teachers. For their SOs use same as Kids and for their children use same as teacher's for names.

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    Riverdale Middle School staff

    Ms. Jennifer Irina Kennedy "Jenn" (56)
    ~Middle School Principal
    ExDH (57): David Stephen James "Dave"
    ~Nuclear Engineer
    -DS (36): Charles Griffin James "Charlie"
    --DW (35): Harriet Wylie *Gilmore* James "Hattie"
    ---DD (19): Darcy Olivia James
    ---DD (18): Lola Remy James
    ---DS (13): Easton Oliver James
    ---DD (8): Jayne Savannah James

    -DS (26): Harold Theodore James "Hal"
    --ExDW (25): Katharine McKinley Upton "Kate"
    ---DD (9): Annabel Olivia James
    ---DS (8): Gabriel Philip James "Gabe"
    ---DS (7): Nicholas Owen James "Nick"
    ---DD (6): Sadie Diane James

    Mrs. Caroline Ruby *Wilson* Worthington (39)
    ~Middle School Vice Principal
    DH (40): Benjamin Thomas Worthington "Ben"
    ~Chiropractic Physician
    -DS/DD (11): Davis Michael Worthington/Della Juliet Worthington
    -DS (9): Hayden Brock Worthington
    -DD (5): Harper Katheryn Worthington

    Ms. Elizabeth Aileen Polloc "Liz" (35)
    ~Middle School Counselor
    DF (35): James Davis Bateman "Jimmy"
    ~Constitutional Law Professor
    -DD (14): Gracie Hope Bateman

    Mr. Noel Clifford Birch (43)
    ~Middle School Counselor
    DW (40): Cora Jane *Rutherford* Birch
    ~Orthopedic Physician Assistant
    -DD (24): Ellen Staci Birch

    -DS (24): Henry Scott Birch
    --DW (23): Betsy Anna *McCarthy* Birch
    ---DD (8): Veda Darci Birch
    ---DS (4): Davis Shepherd Birch

    -DS (19): Jonah Penn Birch
    --BF (19): Brian Philip Collins

    -DD (14): Ava Meredith Birch
    -DS (12): Hudson James Birch
    -DD/DS (4): Addison Kendi Birch/Grayson Cash Birch

    Mrs. Jocelyne Victoria *Sinclair* Jankovic (30)
    ~School Nurse
    DH (33): Owen Shepherd Jankovic
    ~Marriage Counselor
    -DS (5): Durham Grant Jankovic
    -DD/DD/DS (1): Shayna Madison Jankovic/Ariana Addison Jankovic/Christian Anderson Jankovic

    Ms. Deanna Stephanie Peters (36)
    ~Special Education teacher
    BF (38): Derek Joseph Phillips
    ~Tax Assessor
    -DD (20): Audriana Nicole Phillips "Audri"

    -DS (18): Garrison Nash Phillips
    --DF (18): Emily Julianne Dunstan
    ---DS (3): Lucas Gideon Phillips "Luke"
    ---DD (1): Savanna Isabel Phillips

    -DS (10): Benjamin Clark Phillips "Benji"
    -DS (7): Heath Nicolas Phillips
    -DD (5): Emerson Flannery Phillips "Emme"

    Mr. Marco Oliver Harris (34)
    ~Special Education teacher
    DW (33): Allison Claire *Grisham* Harris "Allie"
    ~Nurse Practitioner
    -DD (17): Robyn Gracie Harris

    Ms. Evie Diane Jenner (22)
    ~Computer teacher
    BF (22): Harrison Connor Price
    ~Marketing Consultant
    -DD (6): Jamison Ashleigh Price "Jamie"
    -DD (5): Elisabeth Margaret Price "Elie"
    -DD (3): Violet Alexandra Price"
    -DS (2): Elijah Neil Price "Eli"
    -DS (nb): Jay William Price

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    Riverdale Middle School Staff

    Mrs. Jingle Omaria {Quigley} McCarver (23)
    ---Middle School Principal
    --DH: Jarrett Vladimir McCarver (26)
    ---Civil Engineer

    Miss. Ottillie Amorette Jankovic (40)
    ---Middle School Vice Principal
    --DF: Dermot Dorian Pure (38)
    ----DSS: Gorham Russia Magnolia-Pure (6)

    Mrs. Dorothy Zornitsa {Shannon} Tesarik (46)
    ---Middle School Guidance Counselor
    --DLH: Quentin Gutxi Tesarik (46)
    ---Rural Postman
    ----DAS: Milford Max Tesarik (25)
    ---Data Entry Technician
    ----DD: Kaela Michele {Tesarik} Dell (24)
    ------DH: Barry William Dell (29)
    ---Bore Mill Operator for Plastic
    --------DAS: Oregon Mathyou Dell (2)
    --------DD: Sullivan Sharla Dell (1) "Susha"
    --------DAS: Juneau Darehl Dell (1)
    --------DAD: Vienna Dawna Dell (10 months)
    **Adopted a sib-set Oregon, Juneau and Vienna. They are all born in the same month within a week of each other a year apart.**
    ----DAS: Micheal Jurgen Tesarik (18)
    ---Still in High School
    ----DAD: Kim Carola Tesarik (15)
    --DBF: Jonathan Ice Lorentzen (42)
    ---Global Company Mail Room Supervisor
    ----DD: Kelly Ivory Lorentzen (10)
    ----DAS: Murray Leaf Lorentzen (5)
    ----DD: Karyn Skye Lorentzen (4)
    ----DS: Morris Hudson Lorentzen (1)

    Mrs. Lahkeesha Hulda {Kennedy} Pearl (37) {bi}
    ---Middle School Guidance Counselor
    --DEXH: Guero Paco Pearl (37)
    ----DSS: Ricky Romano Greenstreet (7)
    --DW: Jacee Vidia Othmar (36)
    ----DSS: Michael Edgar Othmar-De La Garza (8)
    ----DSD: Kristen Lorena Othmar-Rossmaessler (2)

    Mrs. Delphine Shanti {Pearl} Iqbal (33)
    ---School Nurse
    --DH: Dadenn Brett Iqbal (33)
    ---Traffic Safety Administrator
    ----DS: Byam George Iqbal (17)
    ----DS: Basket Garrison Iqbal (15)
    ----DD: Bailey Garden Iqbal (1)

    Ms. Saffron Felicia Rosenberg (61)
    ---Special Education Teacher
    --DBF: Elm Todd Clooney (61)
    ---Bank Teller
    ----DD: Ginger Sue Rosenberg-Clooney (43)
    ---Real Estate Agent
    ------DF: Skyler Hamish Quick (41)
    ---Welding Instructor
    --------DAS: Orion Cougar Rosenberg-Quick (16)
    --------DAD: Ofelia Amy Rosenberg-Quick (10)
    --------DAD: Opera Stella Rosenberg-Quick (6)
    --------DAS: Drake Driver Rosenberg-Quick (2)
    ----DD: Tayler Belle Rosenberg-Clooney (42) {bi}
    ---Clinical Laboratory Technician
    --------DS: Shepherd Evin Rosenberg-Clooney (18) {bi}
    ----------DW: Tonette Satyana {Auric} Clooney (18)
    ---Alarm Technician
    ------------DS: Paxon Winston Clooney (9 months)
    ------DF: Kimberley Kristen Wixton (38)
    --------DSS: Miekyll Draco Wixton-Leigh (18)
    --------DSD: Danyell Sharla Wixton-Leigh (15)
    --------DS: Blue Darrell Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (14)
    --------DAS: Dashiell Jace Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (13)
    --------DAD: Zoraida Finn Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (11)
    --------DD: Noelle Atlas Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (10)
    --------DD: Azizi Scarlett Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (6)
    --------DD: Zora Deshawnda Wixton-Rosenberg-Clooney (6)
    ----DD: Harper Jeanette {Rosenberg-Clooney} Quinn (32)
    ---UPS Delivery Driver
    ------DH: Smith Winchester Quinn (35)
    ---Construction Manager
    --------DSD: Orla Cian Quinn (12)
    --------DS: Kit William Quinn (11)
    --------DS: Bradbury Orpheus Quinn (9) "Brad"
    --------DS: Martin Benedict Quinn (8)
    --------DS: Jeremiah Cooper Quinn (6 months)
    ----DD: Pepper Marcia {Rosenberg-Clooney} Ripper (25)
    ---Administrative Support Technician for Global Electronics Company
    ------DH: Groveton Gordon Ripper (25)
    --------DD: Clarissa Abbigail Ripper (8)
    --------DS: Jonathan Chevy Ripper (8)
    --------DD: Teresita Zhaklina Ripper (4)
    --------DS: Sterling Martin Ripper (1)
    --------DS: Oliviero Odhran Ripper (6 months)
    ----DS: Rudder Yadir Rosenberg-Clooney (24)
    ---Administrative Assistant
    ------DGF: Aaliyah Lorrie Gardener (29)
    ---First Aid Instructor
    --------DSS: Corwin Madison Gardener-Leigh (10)
    --------DSD: Garland Adelia Gardener (7)
    --------DSS: Adrian Jerald Gardener (6)
    --------DSD: Ari Silver Goff (newborn)
    ----DS: Digger Kristijan Rosenberg-Clooney (23)
    ---Market Research Analyst
    ------DEXW: Juliet Herron {Isaac} Clooney (22)
    ---Middle School Education Coordinator
    --------DS: Simon Eudenn Clooney (7)
    ------DGF: Liz Rose Grisham (26)
    --------DSD: Hilaria Wren Glade (5)
    --------DSD: Zita Charley Glade (4)
    --------DSD: Kai Lashawnda Glade (4)
    --------DS: Magic Connor Grisham (2)
    --------DD: Mosley Egret Grisham (1)
    --------DD: Misty Nichole Grisham (9 months)
    ----DS: Exeter Ray Rosenberg-Clooney (23)
    ------DGF: Bailey Brisk Keller (23)
    ---Animal Control Officer
    --------DS: Darwin Elm Keller (6)
    --------DD: Xena Dee Keller (6)
    --------DD: Palentia Ela Keller (3)
    --------DS: Jeremy Fig Keller (7 months)
    ----DS: Xavier Lance Rosenberg-Clooney (12)

    Mr. Andrew Eurehl Quarc (22)
    ---Special Education Teacher
    --DEXW: Shane Organza {Xtina} Quarc (22)
    ---Marriage & Family Therapist
    ----DD: Felicitas Nashua Quarc (4)
    --DW: Cawrmin Danielle {Goldberg} Quarc (21)

    Mrs. Jagger Rumena {Queston} Bois (62)
    ---Middle School Computers Teacher
    --DLH: Nikolai Slade Bois (65)
    ---Technical Writer/Editor
    --DF: Denning Elias Damiano (60)
    ---Refrigerator Repair

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    British Columbia
    Mr. David Arthur Bay (55)
    DF: Ramona Katherine Underwood (50, Museum Curator)

    DD: Saskia Telma Bay (9)

    Vice Principal
    Ms. Leona Isabelle Blanc (67)
    DF: Andrew Leo Xanthippe (70, Careers advisor)

    DD: Bryony Sailor "Bree" Xanthippe (45, Jewellery maker)
    -DH: Roscoe Harris Tate (47, Art critic)
    --DD: Abigail Winter Tate (24)
    --DD: Rachel Avery Tate (24)
    --DS: Jonah Armen Tate (20)
    --DD: Sarah Discovery Tate (17)
    DS: Jonah Wilhelmus Xanthippe (39, Lighthouse keeper)
    -DW: Diantha Kesia Harding (40, Lighthouse keeper)
    --DD: Nora Ruby Harding (19)
    --DS: Philip Casper Harding (16)
    --DS: Hugo Felix (8)
    DD: Magnolia Meredith "Mags" Xanthippe (36, Decorator)
    -ex-DH: Grant Abraham Snow (50, Car dealer)
    -DH: Dan Alexander Bailey (40, Customs officer)
    --DS: Devon Elijah Bailey (13)
    --DS: Sean Chester Bailey (13)
    --DD: Kattalin Rhoda Bailey (11)
    --DS: Colin Isaiah Bailey (11)
    --DD: Valencia Jane Bailey (1)
    DS: Wesley Charles Xanthippe (33, Musician)
    DS: Harold Leon Xanthippe (31, Chef)
    -DW: Willa Yvonne Xavier (30, Camera operator)
    --DS: Huxley Kingston Xavier (6)
    --DS: Saxon Elias Xavier (4)
    --DD: Roxana Brighid Xavier (4)
    DS: Paul David Xanthippe (30, Pop star)
    -ex-DW: Rose Pamela Price (35, Model)
    --DS: Captain Leo Price (10)
    --DD: Izabylle Sabrina Price (8)
    --DD: Caytlinn Susanna Price (7)
    -DW: London Mia Rudolph (25, Model)
    --DD: Honora Janet Rudolph (3)
    --DS: Donovan Oscar Rudoplh (1)
    DS: Adam Eugene Xanthippe (24, Clockmaker)
    -ex-DW: Sachiko Hoshi Kikuchi (27, Prison officer)
    --DD: Aiko Tomiko Kikuchi (10)
    --DS: John Davis Kikuchi (5)
    -DW: Emily Gianna King (25, Pilot)
    --DD: Romilly Grace "Romy" King (2)
    DD: Juliette Thora "Jule" Xanthippe (19)

    Mr. Pluto Evandrus Quille (26)
    DF: Sawyer Elizabeth William (30, Surveyor)

    DD: Maeve Harriet Quille (6)

    Ms. Rosalie Vida Camden (33)
    DF: Everett Buster Laska (35, Occupational Rehabilitation Aide)

    DD/DD: Mary Catherine and Rose Gabrielle Laska (7)
    DD: Anna Helen Laska (4)
    DD: Alice Margaret Laska (1)

    School Nurse
    Mr. Joseph Arlo Greenglass (44)
    DW: Philippa Dove Williams (45, Architect)

    DS: Edward Lucas "Ned" Greenglass (19)
    DS: James Gabriel "Jim" Greenglass (17)
    DD: Helena Nisha "Lane" Greenglass (16)
    DD: Catherine Marsha "Kit" Greenglass (14)
    DD: Georgia Claire "Joy" Greenglass (9)

    Special Education Teacher
    Mr. Caolan Branagan Yancey (58)
    DW: Chrysteena Susanna de la Cruz (53, Hospice Director)

    DSD: Kaili Maya Hansen (37, Flight Engineer)
    -DH: Ronald Hank Worthington (35, Psychotherapist)
    DSS: Graison Everett Hansen (34, Regional Sales Manager)
    -ex-DW: Elena Maria Guadalupe Bianca (35, Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services)
    --DD: Cassandra Julietta Josefa Hansen (12)
    --DD: Jemsa Celestina Verde Hansen (11)
    -DW: Kiana Evening Lowrie (33, Animal Care Technician)
    --DS: Filip James Hansen (2)
    DSD: Halleigh Harper Hansen (34, Pararescue Craftsman)
    -DBF: Giovanni Francesco Cruz (35, Bank Compliance Officer)
    DSD: Louise Amadea Fortune (18)
    -DBF: Harrison Antoon Blizzard (20)
    DD: Genevieve Kerensa Yancey (12)
    DD: Rosamund Uma Yancey (9)

    Special Education Teacher
    Mr. Oscar Cody Dorian (48)
    DW: Ivy Miranda Elkins (46, Neurology Professor)

    DD: Margaret Edalene "Maisie" Dorian (27, Anger Control Counselor)
    -ex-DH: Sanjeet Harjinder Mosiman (28, Microbiological Analyst)
    --DD: April Demetria Mosiman (6)
    --DD: Ariel Devina Mosiman (6)
    --DS: Wyatt Dexter Mosiman (5)
    -DH: Patrick Gavin Keyes (30, Literacy Education Professor)
    --DD: Malina Carlisle Keyes (3)
    --DS: Davos Adrien Keyes (1)
    DD: Theresa Evangeline "Tessa" Dorian (27, Research Anthropologist)
    -DBF: Lex Mason Sutherland (30, Reactor Engineer)
    DS: Asher Micah Dorian (6)
    DS: Isaac Russell Dorian (5)

    Computers Teacher
    Mr. Oran Verdi Revercomb (54)
    DGF: Olivia Eloise Hardnett (55, International Relations Professor)

    ADD: Jane Kesha Revercomb (20)
    -DF: Grady Anderson James (20)
    ADD: Karen Matilda Revercomb (15)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Principal: Sophia Julianna Worthington (35)
    -DD: Abigail Lysanne Worthington (1)

    Vice Principal: Cat Susanne Dixon (33)
    -DFiance: Phransis Christopher Perez (34)
    --DSS: Hans Albert Perez (17)
    --DSD: Kelsey Maricela Perez (16)
    --DSS: Azad Joshua Perez (14)
    --DAD: Elizabeth Eleonora Perez (11)

    Counselor: La'toya Calypso Kincer (62)
    -DexH: Donovan Otis Cooper (65)
    --DS: Tomislav Jason Cooper (45)
    ---DD: Cinnamon Sydney Cooper (28)
    ----DPartner: Shatifa Angeline Berkus (28)
    -----DS: Nicholas David Berkus-Cooper (9)
    -----DS: Tyshaunn Samuel Berkus-Cooper (7)
    -----DS: Bryce Devin Berkus-Cooper (5)
    -----DS: Yule Dusty Berkus-Cooper (3)
    -----DS: Sidney Cedric Berkus-Cooper (6 months)

    ---DD: Angyleenah Jayde Cooper (10 months)

    --DS: Christopher Brennan Cooper (33)
    ---DW: Courtney Davina (Bailey) Cooper (32)
    ----DD: Noelle Esther Cooper (3)
    ----DD: Olivia Michael Cooper (1)

    Counselor: Marcelino Page Spigel (36)
    -DFiancee: Danielle Olga Van Winkle (29)
    --DD/DD: Mahulena Graciela Spigel/Holly Dillian Spigel (8)
    --DS: Darien Jackson Spigel (2)
    --DAS: Herron Grayson Spigel (2)

    School Nurse: Puma Hazel (Thomas) Andrus (42)
    -DH: Lucas Abelard Andrus (47)
    --DSD: Agatha Angela Andrus (27)
    ---DS: Davon Salmon Andrus (3 months)

    --DD: Kristen Nerissa Andrus (24)
    ---DW: Tammie Alice Bo (24)
    ----DS: Daniel Livingston Bo-Andrus (8)
    ----DD: Emily Ezra Bo-Andrus (7)
    ----DD: Darcy Kora Bo-Andrus (3)

    --DD: Aubrey Kasi Andrus (23)
    ---DBF: Kay Wilson Ewell (26)
    ----DS: Jerimiah Rhodes Ewell (7)
    ----DD: Isabella Olive Ewell (5)
    ----DS: Rusty Elijah Ewell (2)

    --DS: Draco David Andrus (15)
    --DAS: Branson Poe Andrus (15)
    --DAS: Moss Michael Andrus (1)

    Special Ed Teacher: Olivia Danielle (King) Capito (27)
    -DH: Dick Devin Capito (30)
    --DD: Hailey Jacqueline Capito (5)
    --DS: Carlo William Capito (4)
    --DS: Houston Gabriel Capito (1)

    Special Ed Teacher: Sophia Candy LeBlanc (30)
    -DD: Madelief Tyra LeBlanc (13)
    -DD: Verica Pamela LeBlanc (12)
    -DS/DD: Jove Bristol LeBlanc/Catherine Audrianna LeBlanc (1)

    Computers Teacher: Thaddea Drema James (56)
    -DFiance: Caron Oscar Sadler (56)
    --DD: Krystal Kasandra (Sadler) Rafael (31)
    ---DH: Ricky George Rafael (39)
    ----DS: Sigfrido Michael Rafael (12)
    ----DS/DS/DS: Caradoc Jonathan Rafael/Mason Scout Rafael/Rumen Sean Rafael (11)
    ----DAD: Rosalie Destry Rafael (10)
    ----DAS: Davon Tigernach Rafael (5)

    --DD: Elsa Lusine Sadler (30)
    ---DexH: Samson Kristopher Mount (38)
    ----DAS: Esteban Cato Mount (9)
    ----DAD: Winter Olive Mount (8)
    ----DS: Immanuel Santiago Mount (6)
    ----DD: Devyn Nicole Mount (5)
    ----DAD: Garbi Ezra Mount (5)
    ----DAD: Savannah Dean Mount (4)
    ----DD: Jocelyn Scarlette Mount (3)
    ----DD: Lark Kendall Mount (2)
    ----DS: Sage Camus Mount (1)

    --DAD: Esmeralda Dagny Sadler (26)
    ---DW: Saffron Olga Espinoza (29)
    ----DS: Dash London Sadler-Espinoza (3)

    --DD: Heather Andrea Sadler (24)
    ---DBF: Bryce Ben Fitzpatrick (25)
    ----DS: Stone Joseba Fitzpatrick (6)
    ----DS: Davin Tydenn Fitzpatrick (2)
    ----DD: Emmaah Una Fitzpatrick (newborn)

    --DS: Irving Paul Sadler (18)
    ---DH: Marcel Gavin Hinton (18)
    ----DD: Josephine Saylor Hinton-Sadler (1)

    --DD: Olivia Keira Sadler (14)
    --DS: Merit Gary Sadler (13)
    --DAD: Adrianna Cynthia Sadler (5)

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