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Thread: Saffron

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    Here's an article that I read about the meaning of Saffron.
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    "with gold petals". What a lovely definition! I'm not one that pays attention to the definition of names unless the definition itself is what got me interested in the first place. For example, Cameron means crooked nose. I wouldn't not name my child Cameron if I truly loved the name just because of the unfortunate definition. However, I fell in love with the name Maeve because it means intoxicating. So I guess I don't really care about the definition unless it's a particularly good or interesting one.
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    I love the name Saffron! A couple of weeks ago, I posted some of my favourite names on here and got good feedback, except for Saffron! A lot of people really disliked it. Personally, I think it's a lovely name. It's meaning is pretty, but I'm not at all concerned about name meanings. I'd like Saffron no matter what it meant! Hopefully your article will get some people thinking differently about this cute name!
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    Um..that's nice, I guess. I didn't know there was any mystery about Saffron but good for the author for finding what she was looking for

    Saffron is a nice name, girl or boy. I love off-beat nature names but not everyone can pull them off

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    Saffron has been growing on me lately. Like most geeks, I associate it with the backstabbing con artist played by Christina Hendricks on Firefly, but for some reason that doesn't make me like it any less.

    Sarahmezz, I'm a bit surprised you received negative feedback. Anyone who dislikes Saffron care to weigh in?
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