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Thread: Maxine

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    We have friends with twins Lillian and Maxine - They are called Bug or Lillie and Maxie. I think its darling!

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    I feel so-so about Maxine. I like Max as a nickname instead of Maxie. I feel like it's on par with Andy. Totally boy or girl, but that's really just how I feel I know some others would disagree.

    I have to say I definitely prefer Charlotte, but I know that's really popular so if that's a concern for you Maxie may be the best bet.

    Although you could always combine the two. Maxine Charlotte or Charlotte Maxine. GL!
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    I absolutely love Maxine and Maxie is an adorable nickname. I honestly don't see anything weird about it - I actually think it's horribly underused.

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    Maxine with the nn Max is one of my favorites, I think it would be so refreshing to see on a little one!
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