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Thread: My Nieces!

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    Red face My Nieces!

    So I am not sure if I have ever posted the names of my 3 beautiful little nieces, so I thought I would do so and see what you all think of my sister's choices.

    Mommy: Briana Cecile


    Annabelle Marie (directly named after her grandma) - currently 6 years old, blond hair/blue eyes

    Sophie Oleander (middle name taken from sister's fav book 'White Oleander') - currently 2 1/2, green eyes/red hair

    Feather Cherie (my sis has been obsessed with this name since she was a young'un and she wanted to continue the "french" sound of the other two with the middle name) - currently 7 months old, dark hair/blue eyes

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    I like Annabelle Marie. It's a nice name and it flows well. I like the literary reference with Sophie Oleander. I usually take most of my middle names from book characters. Feather sounds kind of weird to me as a first name, honestly.

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    Yeah, Feather is definitely on the odd side, but it is the only name in which she had complete naming authority, haha. I think people will assume it is "Heather" misspelled. Nevertheless, it didn't strike me as too odd because I have a friend named Heather who goes by "Feather".

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    I am awing at the amazing names!!!
    There are literally no words to describe how awesome those names are.
    I'm taking a moment of silence to appreciate the awesomeness.
    .................................................. .........................................
    Those are great lol.
    i sounded like such a 10 year old but oh well.
    teen berry
    excuse my username

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    The first two are fine, pretty and French sounding but... feather cherie? I hope she never feels like she drew the short straw :/

    Jory Leander Atticus, August Eli Benedict, Casimir Mordecai Stewart,
    Edmond John Meirion, Horatio Ethell Emery, Bram William Jasper,
    Julian Remy Charles, Vasiliy Lochlan Michael.


    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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