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    need middle name for LONDON!

    Hi all! I am almost 8 months pregnant with my 2nd baby girl! Our first daughter is named Aspen Claire. For our 2nd we have decided on London as a first name, but my husband and I can't agree on a middle name & I'm soooo frustrated!

    I'm leaning toward a middle name ending in an A or a Y, since London ends with a consonant. I just want it to flow nicely.

    My faves are:
    London Paisley
    London Sophia
    London Audrey
    London Kate

    but hubby doesn't like those

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    London Paisley - these are two very modern names. I like in Aspen Claire how she has a modern first balanced with a classic middle, so you may want to try the same here. I'd rule this one out.

    London Sophia - very elegant, London Sophie might be a better match to Aspen Claire since Claire feels more French?

    London Audrey - very elegant, I think of Audrey as a very English name so that is kind of cute here.

    London Kate - Kate is a nice match to Claire, and I like the 2-1 rhythm of both names.

    My favorite is London Audrey, London Kate is second, London Sophia I don't honestly love but I think it is perfectly fine, London Paisley I'm not really feeling.

    I don't think the name has to end in a vowel, Aspen Claire has both ending in consonants and it is a good combo to me. I think you do probably want to avoid names ending in -n.

    Sounds like your husband's not feeling any of them. What about...

    London Abigail
    London Charlotte
    London Colette
    London Eva
    London Eve (I think this is very pretty)
    London Farrah
    London Faye
    London Faith
    London Grace
    London Hope
    London Isla
    London Juliet
    London Mae
    London Maeve
    London Olivia
    London Phoebe
    London Rosa
    London Rose (a bit wordy, but OK)
    London Ruby
    London Sarah
    London Stella
    London Tess
    London Tessa
    London Vera
    London Violet

    There are a lot more that will work. Good luck!

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    thank you for your insight! My fave is London Audrey as well. I do love your suggestions, Juliet and Violet are 2 favorites of mine!
    I had never thought of London Kate and Aspen Claire both being 2-1 syllable names, I think it flows well.

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    I have a niece named Londyn Jolie - and I think it is beautiful

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    London Paisley - I agree with a PP who said that they'd go with a traditional middle name instead. London Paisley is far too modern imo, unlike Aspen Claire.

    I like the other three you posted.

    London Bridget
    London Chloe
    London Danielle
    London Gabrielle
    London Katherine
    London Jasmine
    London Caroline
    London Charlotte
    London Noelle
    London Audra
    London Katrina
    London Karina
    London Jade
    London Rebecca
    London Rachel
    London Elena
    London Emma
    London Whitney
    London Ashley
    London Allison
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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