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Thread: Lazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    This frustrates me. Choosing a popular name isn't lazy! I have yet to meet a parent who doesn't have a meaningful story behind the name they chose for their child- and I know an Isabel and an Isabella. Most of the popular names are timeless classics. You don't have to use an obscure name to give your child a meaningful name.
    I think Miss Dindle phrased it perfectly here.
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    I think, sadly, in some cases it will be true. I know someone who picked a popular name for her daughter just because it was popular.

    However, like posters have previously said, most people who choose popular names will have stories behind their choices.

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    People are just too judgmental about names in general. If someone picks a popular name there will always be some who judge that as lazy, boring, unimaginative. If someone picks an unusual but real name, there will always be some who think the name is weird or nerdy or stuffy or whatever. If someone uses a creative name, there will always be some who think it is trashy or trying to hard or whatever.

    The best thing any parent to be can do for their child is pick a name that they have thought through and considered and that they can explain in the future to the child why they chose the name they did. I think it also helps to pick a name that is somewhat versatile with the potential to be used in full or with a choice of nns.
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    I certainly do not think it's lazy! I won't lie that I get a little bored reading the birth announcements when I see the same names over and over, but that doesn't mean the name doesn't mean something to the parents. What IS lazy is not researching a name at all - popularity aside.

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    Nope! Popularity in a name does not mean lazy parents, but I will admit, when I see people not do any research about names and then get genuinely upset with their choice once they realize Brayden is not the super-original choice they thought, I get irritated. It's not necessarily laziness, but if originality is SO important, do your research. There is an incredible amount of naming resources and statistics available with the click of the button. I just think that if something is really important to you, you put in the effort to be happy with it.. Saying, "Well there were no kids named Brayden when I was in kindergarten" just doesn't make sense to me.
    There are tons of parents who choose really popular names because they love the name and popularity doesn't matter, or they have special meanings, or they like popular names. It's all valid.
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