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    I'm not a fan of having naming rules because I figure, why limit your options? That being said, I would never give my kids names that have the same root. Like, I would (in theory) use Leonor and Leo, but not Leo & Levon.
    So, no, I wouldn't re-use a name within my kids' names. I know people who have, and it's fine, and I don't think any of the kids are scarred for life because of it, but with all the name options out there, I couldn't imagine using a name more than once.
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    We use saint's names or names derived from another name in my family, and my name is Carly, like Carly Simon, iCarly and Carly Rae Jepsen.

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    my little sister has my middle name as her first name, Elizabeth. I always joke that my parents were too uncreative to comeup with more than three names. She's young so she doesn't have much of an opinion on it but thinks overall that it's cool, especially since my mom's middle name is my first name, Lea. This wasn't meant to be a tradition, but i doubt it will continue since my sister Lizzie's middle name is Palmira and we live in America.

    I would try to come up with a different name, but if you don't its not the end of the world. As most nameberries I have so many names I want to use I would never use the same one twice, but so far there has been no difficulty confusing me and Lil Lizzie. The only thing that would get confusing s if you use full names alot (I have a tendency to call my close friends by their full names when I'm excited, lol) which my mom and dad don't do.
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