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    There are so many great names out there, I think you should use the opportunity to be creative especially when it comes to middle names.
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    Yeah - I see what your saying - most of the names I love have been used though - by other family members.
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    Honestly if it was me, I would be ticked at my parents. I would hate to have a "hand me down" name. So I personally would never do it to my child, but to each their own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littledevil View Post
    How about if you had a Ruby Leigh, Kiera Leigh, Jamie Leigh etc - bit too unoriginal? =/
    My great x6 grandmother gave all of her sons her mothers maiden name as their middle name so they would be reminded of the gentry family they came from

    I think it'd be ok if there was a story or tradition like that.

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    I don't mind that much. I think many berries love names so much that it's thought children all having the same middle is boring. Any middle is better than none, no?

    I really like the idea of the next child having the previous child's middle, much more so than them all having the same middle. One of my favourite bloggers did the first name/middle name link with her sons and I think it's worked really well. However, it doesn't work so well when you've got Harry John, John William, William Paul and Paul Benjamin... then you have a girl.
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