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    Midwest U.S.

    Wink Opinions on the boys list?

    Current Favorites:
    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Lucy :: Cecily}
    { Jack :: Everett :: Elliot :: Toby }

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    I like:
    Aidan Blake
    Everett Alexander

    But I love the name Cade! I was reading your list thinking: Cade Alexander sounds cool.

    I always read names out like they do at graduations to see how I like it. Ha! I'm not sure if that's a good method to try out names though.

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    My favorites from your list:

    Adam Carson
    Cade Michael
    William "Will" Anthony

    I also really like Aidan, but I think the 'a' sounds in both names may be too heavy.
    Currently liking:

    Girls: Lydia Jeanette, Leah Christine, Aria Quinn, Anna Ruby

    Boys: Asa Vincent, Peter Eliot, Anthony Nicholas, Paul Gregory, Luke Mackenize

    Thinking about:
    Viva Lux, Luca Daniel, Lorenzo "Enzo", Adah Marie

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