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Thread: It's girls!!!

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    McKinley Tate - Very boyish
    Layken Marie -I prefer Lake or Laiken or Lark
    Kensington Grace - Trendy
    Avia Quinn -Its ok I prefer Ava or Avalon
    Evelyn Grace - My favourite
    Audrey Nikole -At least its classic
    Adalyn ? - What about Adeline?
    Maisy ? - I like it as a nickname of Mairead or Margaret
    Arden Monroe - Its ok.
    Emerson Reed - I would think its a boy how about Emerson Rachel?
    Latelyn Rebekah - So Kree8tyve
    Delaney ? - Its ok
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    Of your first and middle names, I deleted off the list ones I did not care for, and here are the ones left that I like:
    Marie- classic MN, even though it is a "filler" I like it, especially if it has meaning to you.
    Kensington Grace- I really like this, even though it seems trendy... are you thinking NN Kensi?
    Quinn- LOVE for a first or middle
    Evelyn Grace- Really nice combo- I think Evie is a cute NN
    Emerson- Have you considered Emilia? Emmy is a cute NN

    I like Kensington with Evelyn or Emerson/Emilia. I think that Evelyn and Emerson together is too matchy.
    I like Kensi & Emmy or Kensi & Evie together, but that is thinking with NNs, which I assume will happen with longer names.
    From your combos only, I would choose Kensington Marie and Evelyn Grace!

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    Love Kensington. Love Delaney. Love Arden with a more feminine middle as stated previously. Dislike any other names because they are either in the top 100 or they sound too made up/trendy.
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    Avia Quinn
    Evelyn Grace
    Audrey Nikole (only if it's spelled Nicole)
    Emerson Reed


    McKinley Tate
    Layken Marie
    Kensington Grace
    Arden Monroe
    Latelyn Rebekah (do you mean Katelyn?)

    Audrey and Evelyn are by far your best names. My choices would be: Evelyn Grace and Mischa's suggestion of Audrey Quinn.
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