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    I made a list of these when my friend and I got bored one day. We called them 'Frankenames'

    Elizageoff (ee-liz-a-jeff) - Elizabeth and Geoffrey
    Roberphie (rob-a-fee) - Robert and Sophie
    Penelopete (pen-ell-oh-peet) - Penelope and Peter
    Nigelica (nie-jell-ick-a) - Nigel and Angelica
    Lionemma (lie-nemma) - Lionel and Emma
    Fatimothy (fat-im-oh-thee) - Fatima and Timothy
    Fiowen (fee-owe-en) - Fiona and Owen

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
    ★ Jory Leander ★ Julian Charles ★ Macsen ★ Magnus ★ Vasiliy ★


    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    Chad and I were joking about once, trying to think of what names we could create by combining our names somehow, and we realized combining the last three letters of mine with the first two of his makes Retch.

    I don't think we'll be using it!
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    i did put this in the baby name games but no one replied on it.. x i thought it would be a bit of fun.. x
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    Fun! I know someone with a portmanteau name: Rickelle, after parents Richard and Kelly.

    Sisyphina - Sisyphus + Seraphina
    Sophelia - Sophia + Ophelia
    Fenelizabeth - Fenella + Elizabeth
    Chrysanthevere - Chrysanthemum + Guinevere
    Maxavier - Any Max- name + Xavier
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    My friend often jokes about naming her future sons Kenjamin (Kenneth & Benjamin) and Jimothy (Jim & Timothy)
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