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    Need your opinion! -boys names

    Please give your honest opinions! Looking for lots of feedback, let me know what you think of my list.


    Can't wait to see what you all have to say! Thanks

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    Asher - Great meaning and it has great Biblical roots. I have noticied that it's gotten quite popular lately, other than that a great boys name
    Axel - This one isn't for me
    Beckett - I prefer Bennett
    Brady - This is okay, I know a really nice man named Brady
    Brody - Love, love, love this name. I think it's handsome and masculine. It will go well on a little boy and when he grows up
    Caedyn - I do not like creative spellings at all, sorry. I know a lot of Kayden, Hayden, etc. so I would say be careful with this one b/c there will be six other boys in your child's class with the same name
    Chace - Handsome and spunky!
    Cohen - No
    Emery - Not quite my style but love the meaning of industrious
    Emmett - This is in my list right now, it's handsome
    Garrett - I picture a very happy go lucky, polite guy, this is a keeper!
    Grady - Same as Garrett
    Jaxson - I would like Jackson. As a teacher it gets really difficult when people have kids whose names are spelled creatively
    Kellan - This is nice
    Kieran - Love it
    Talan - It's okay
    Weston - Nice choice!

    All in all my faves from your list are definitely: Brody, Chace, Emmett, Garrett, Kieran, and Weston.

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    Asher - a fine Biblical name that sounds modern
    Axel - Goes with brother Gage and Motor
    Beckett - Too harsh
    Brady - Bunch? No.
    Brody - Not a fan
    Caedyn - Put him in a room with all of the other similar sounding names (Jayden, Aidan, Raelyn etc...) and you'll drive yourself crazy.
    Chace - I prefer the Chase spelling.
    Cohen - Please do some research on this name. It's a sacred Jewish name that some people in that community find offensive.
    Emery - OK but it's used more for girls. Try Amory.
    Emmett - A good decent surname.
    Garrett - OK
    Grady - This is a little better than Brady and Brody - but not much.
    Jaxson - Just say NO.
    Kellan - Trendy
    Kieran - Ok but I prefer the original Irish Ciaran spelling.
    Talan - Talon is a bird claw. Not a great meaning for a child's name.
    Weston - I prefer Easton.


    All the best,

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    Talan is an old cornish name meaning "brow". Talon is a bird's claw.

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    Asher- great choice, love the meaning... this is #1 on our list
    Axel- I have never liked this name, sorry.
    Beckett- it's ok, I prefer other -ett names better though
    Brady- cute, I like it
    Brody- its ok, I prefer Brady
    Caedyn- not my style, too trendy and this spelling looks feminine. Caden is a better spelling in my opinion.
    Chace- its ok, not my style though
    Cohen- no, it is a sacred name in the Jewish community
    Emery- going to the girls
    Emmett- love it, great choice!
    Garrett- handsome name, I have a cousin Garrett, it would be on my list otherwise
    Grady- i like it
    Jaxson- don't like it and don't like this spelling at all
    Kellan- i am not a fan
    Kieran- love it, one of my favorites
    Talan- not a fan
    Weston- handsome name, it's on my best friends list

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