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    I like it a lot. I think it's a refreshing variation to all the Elle names. I also like Emery.

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    I really dislike it. It doesn't sound like a name. I also think of celery. How about Melody, Hilary, Elodie or Bellamy?
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    It seems very masculine to me and it really makes me think of celery as well! There are so many better El- names out there!

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    I do think of Celery. But my name is Hilary, so I also kind of think of my name too. If you love it, go with it!
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    I know an Ellery who is college-aged; she wears it well. I personally prefer more feminine names, but I don't mind surnames on girls and I think Ellery works well (love nn Elle). That said, she'll be an Elle/Ellie with all the other little Ella/Elyse/Elena/El...names.

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