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    Lightbulb Brainstorm Longer Names for MACK

    I like the idea of the nickname Mack, but would want the proper name to have more substance.
    Any ideas? Even open to far fetched ones

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    Somebody once posted a thread about the name Macsen, which was pretty cool.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    What about:

    Mackenzie (I know so many find it overly feminine now, but honestly, I've come across about 6 boy Mackenzies, and only one girl Mackenzie, so it really doesn't seem that awful to me)
    McKinley (seems to be the most masculine of the Mc- names to me, personally... Sort of seems semi-patriotic, thanks to President McKinley, too...)
    Any Max name (Maxwell, Maximilian, Maxon/Macsen, Maxfield, Maddox, etc.)

    Good luck!
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    List under major construction. Thinking about:

    Genevieve Elena GrierPeter Matthias GreyEvangeline Dagny HopeGrant Frédéric Conrad
    Samuel Gaspard JohnLeonora Lilac AnoukRowan Joshua ReidAdele Sofia Eloise
    Emmeline Poppy CécileBoaz Andreas HenryAmelia Zoe WrenZane Alexander Caspian

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    I also vote for Macsen! I love it, I think it's a very handsome name (It's on my list!). Here are some other names I think could work.

    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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    Do you have any McNames on your family tree?
    Emily | 21 | USA
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