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Thread: Rose and Leo

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    I'm was a big fan of Titanic, so that was my immediate thought as soon as I saw the title to your thread. I don't think that's bad though. The names are both wonderful choices, and it wouldn't stop me from choosing them if those were my favorite names. I agree about it not being as bad as Jack and Rose.

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    I love both names and didn't think of titanic when I saw the post. However ... it only takes one person to mention it and no one will forget.

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    Leo and Rose is a gorgeous sibset. And I'd never have thought titanic.

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    Initial thought was Titanic. A friend named her daughter S!erra Rose D@wson, and I instantly thought Titanic.
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    I immediately thought Titanic too.
    Leo & Rose, Leonardo & Rose would do the same.

    Leonard & Rose, Leo & Rosalie ect don't strike me as Titanicy though.
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