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Thread: Rose and Leo

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    Rose and Leo

    OK -- so I may be over thinking this, but I need some objective advice.

    If you met two siblings named Leo and Rose, what would your first thought be?

    Would it be "Titanic?"

    Be honest.

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    Never even occuring to me, tbh. Leo's an actor and Rose is a character. If both names were more unusual, maybe, but I wouldn't have thought most people's first thought would be Titanic, but I could be wrong.
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    Thank you hanniekit! Super helpful.

    It's just that one person said "oh, like Titanic" when I told her, and now I can't get it out of my head But I love them!

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    My first thought was that I liked those names together. I did notice that they both have stong 'o' sounds. Titanic never occured to me.
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    I was just going to say "Titanic" just from the title of the thread. Sorry
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