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    Honest opinions??

    Hi there- I am pg with my first child, a girl, due in July and am having some trouble on names. DH is in the Army, is deployed and has given me full naming honors which I thought would be a dream, but is actually making me really nervous

    I would LOVE some honest opinions on my top contenders!

    1) Ainsley (or Ansley)- I really like this one but i've had some people say it reminds them of "anus" which is obviously less than desirable :/

    2) Brenna- This has always been on my list, I love it, but for some reason when I pictured my family in my head I never pictured my first child with this name, I know that probably sounds strange, but I always pictured Daughter #2 with this name...

    3) Charlotte (and call her Charli) I think this is super sweet, but I am worried about popularity, Charlotte is near the top but what bothers me even more is i'm seeing more and more girl Charlie's. I would just use Charli as a nickname, but its still like "eh, does it bother me? I don't know"

    Opinions?? Suggestions are also welcome!

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    I think Brenna is beautiful! Good luck!

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    My favorite out of the three you mentioned is definitely Charlotte. I think its timeless and classy and it ages well. The other two I can't picture really aging well (I can't imagine a grown women named Ainsley). Go with your gut, whichever you love the most should be the one you pick. Good luck!
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    Ainsley does bring to mind anus, sorry. Also, anal, I can see "Anal Ainsley" being a teasing term.

    Brenna I really love, I think it's so pretty, and a lovely sound. I understand what you mean by picturing daughter #2 as Brenna. That's how I picture Victoria, never my first daughter, always my second. :P

    Charlotte is a lovely name, I love it a lot. It's very commonly mentioned, so it's lacking in specialness as a first name for me. I love the nn Charli/Charlie/Charley etc.

    Brenna Charlotte would be the perfect combo imo, you can still call her Charli every now and again as well. I know a Taylor Rose who is called Rosie by her close family.

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    Also, some suggestions:

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