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    Question about pronunciation and spelling

    I have been thinking about the name Jacqueline/Jaqueline a lot. To me, it is so pretty and elegant.

    What do you think of the name? Jacqueline or Jaqueline?

    Also, how do you pronounce it? "JAK-uh-lin" or "JAK-kwuh-lin"?

    Thank you!

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    I never heard it pronounced JAK-kwuh-lin. I pronounce it JAK-uh-lin (in English) or JAK-lin (in french).

    Personally, I have a bad association with the name, so I don't care for it.
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    Jacqueline is pronounced two ways. I've NEVER heard it "JAK-kwuh-lin".

    French = zha-kuh-LEEN or zhak-LEEN
    English = JAK-uh-lin
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    My cousin is Jacquelyn and we pronounce it "Jack-kwuh-lin".
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    I know most Americans say JAK-wuh-lin, but I spent too much time in France and can't seem to stop myself from automatically saying Jah-KLEEN.

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