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    Sibling name help!

    I am looking for reactions to a few names we have chosen for our third daughter. Her big sisters (identical twins) are named Augusteen and Ida.

    Right now our short list has the following names:
    Campbell Rose
    Mary Flynn
    Theodora (middle name?)
    Cleo (middle name?)


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    Campbell Rose - Campbell is too surname-y for my taste. It also sounds masculine.
    Mary Flynn - It's okay. I don't think it goes with Ida and Augusteen.
    Theodora - Cute! Theodora Rose
    Cleo - Love! Cleo Adrienne

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    Campbell Rose-Its okay, but I honestly don't think it works well with your other two daughters' names. Mainly because it sounds masculine.
    Mary Flynn-Mary is pretty and fresh these days, I like it.
    Theodora (Miette/Claire/Jean)-I love this! Beautiful and a little bit exotic, it works well with Ida and Augusteen.
    Cleo (Adeline/Maxine)-Beautiful!
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