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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    They don't have half terms and only get one week at Easter and Christmas though I think
    Yes, in a typical American school you get about 1.5-2 weeks off at Christmas and then a one-week "Spring Break"* (not necessarily at Easter). For schools that run on an August-May calendar the break at Christmas (often called "Winter Break" to be religion-neutral) is often also the break between the 1st and 2nd semesters (schools that start and end later will typically have the final exams for the first semester after Christmas, before the second semester starts). Some schools (like where I live) will also have a short (i.e. long-weekend) "Fall Break"* in October or so (in addition to a 4- or 5-day weekend for Thanksgiving in late November).

    *Those breaks are often scheduled so to divide each of the semesters in half (and the school year into quarters); the grading periods are typically either four nine-week periods or six six-week periods throughout the year.

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    I was born in mid-June, which I have always loved. It's warm enough to have a party in the garden, while not too hot yet. And the occasions on which you get presents (birthday, Christmas) are evenly distributed throughout the year. I always say the latter is the reason why I desperately wanted to be born two months early (my birth was scheduled for mid-August).
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    I think winter is the best time(I am having a May baby so not biased).Summer is very hot where I live so I don't want to be pregnant in summer; September/October baby will be the youngest/the oldest in the class; in March there are always loads of exams in school so B-day during them isn't very good plus, almost every child I know who is born in spring is spoiled and rude(maybe it is a coincidence, but looks like a fact for me).
    Plus, winter is very dull except for X-mad time and having a birthday will cheer the season up.

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    I used to think the beginning of June was perfect (with the exception of a while when I was little where I wanted to have a baby on Christmas) and I ended up having Bea on May 17th. So far, it's just as wonderful a time to have a baby as I imagined, except for the fact that my busy time of year is March to May, so I was trying to be a productive person with my stomach out past my feet!
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    I'm having my baby in early June, and I think that's a great time. Here in New York, I'm avoiding being pregnant during the hottest parts of summer (July and August), the birthday is halfway through the year from Christmas (so it's easy to justify practical winter presents at Christmas and still have a reason for summer gifts - clothing, pool toys, etc.), plus what someone said about saving money in between birthdays and Christmases. And here the school year ends in late june for younger kids and early june for older kids - so as a little one they can celebrate in school with schoolmates, but as they get older they'll have the day off to celebrate more independently. Plus it's easier/cheaper to throw a summer birthday party. My birthday is in late June and I always really liked it.

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