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    I'm due in early July with my first, which I think is great because my husband is a teacher, so he'll be at home to help me with the baby for the first few weeks. But I have to admit, I'm not so thrilled at the prospect of being pregnant in 100 degree weather, and I don't really like the fact that he/she will be one of the youngest in their class. I think I'd prefer a fall or winter baby, actually, if I got the choose the best time.

    Edit: You know, I change my mind. I think May would actually be the best month. That way I wouldn't be pregnant at all during the summer, and DH will still be off for most of the early months.
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    I always wanted a fall baby. September or October sound great. Fall is my favorite time of year and I think pumpkins, apple bobbing and hay rides would make for great birthday parties.

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    March, April, June, August, September, October, November or December. I base this purely on the fact that I find these months aesthetically pleasing.

    On a side note, in my experience as a kid we all had birthday parties at the same adventure playground/park EVERY YEAR, regardless of what time of year we were born! But everyone seemed to have March birthdays... something was definitely going on in the previous summer.

    And I don't think anyone in the UK needs to be bothered about being pregnant during the 'hot' summer months
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    I have one born in February and one born in August. I vastly preferred being due in February over August.
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    I had Rowan in mid October. I was pretty far along in the hot months, the whole Month of September was AWFUL. You get so hot late in a pregnancy and I literally had to sit in front of a fan most of my waking hours. I remember taking a lot of cool showers and sticking my head in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Although, October is a beautiful Month here in the NC mountains and it was GORGEOUS outside when she was born. And the day we walked out of the hospital, it was the first real "cold" day and I remember how amazingly refreshing that was. I also believe that having a baby in the "flu" months are better in the long run. I read an article about how people who were born in the fall are more likely to be centenarians (people who live over 100) because their immune systems are so good.

    But if I got to choose, I would pick March or April. You get to be the biggest during the colder months, March and April are generally warm enough to have outside birthday parties and the like, summer clothes for infants are ADORABLE, I love Pisces and Aries zodiac signs... Summer wouldn't be too bad either. I was born in early August and I loved getting to have my birthday parties at the pool and lake.
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