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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    Most start kindergarten at 5. The majority are in some kind of preschool/daycare program by age 3 or 4 (but those vary quite a bit), kindergarten at 5, followed by 1st grade. I think kindergarten would roughly equate to reception in the UK.

    In most states, there's a set date in early fall and children who have turned five by that date would start that year while children who turn five, say in October or November of that year, would wait and start the following most kids are 5 but some are just barely 5 and others are about to turn 6. (Elab on my last post, I'm in Connecticut and I think we're the only state with a December 31 cut-off. Children start the calendar year they turn five whether or not they're 4 or 5 when school actually begins in the fall) Hope that makes sense.
    I might be missing something here but in England kids start school the September after they turn 4 and it sounds like in (most of) the US they'd start the September after they've turned 5.

    Based on a little Google-ing I've just done, it seems that kindergarten is more like our Year 1 in terms of age (5-6 years old) but more like reception in that it's the first year of proper school. Thus, in the US, children start formal school a year later than in England?

    Just to get my head round this, I'll do an example. If there's a child born in Oct 2007, she'd have started reception in England in Sep 2012. In the US she wouldn't start kindergarten until Sep 2013, but in the Connecticut example you've given, she'd start school in the autumn of the year she turned 5- so Sep 2012.

    If that's correct then I finally think I understand! If not, I'm a lost cause!
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    My accountant husband says he will be very upset if we have a baby in January... since he'll have to wait an entire year for the tax break!! (Honestly he could care less, but at least he's thinking!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by alp View Post
    My accountant husband says he will be very upset if we have a baby in January... since he'll have to wait an entire year for the tax break!! (Honestly he could care less, but at least he's thinking!!)
    Lol! That sounds exactly like something my husband would think of.

    charlieandperry: I think that's all correct! Same as it's the first formal year of school, but by age it sounds like it would be closer to Year 1 in most cases, dependent on birthday month/state.
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    I don't necessarily think it's the best month to have a baby, but I've always wanted to have a baby born in March. No real reason...

    I really have no interest in having a September or December baby, and no real reason for that either. I have to say, though, that as a teacher, the idea of having a baby born in late July sounds like it'd be awesome because you'd work until like, 35 weeks, then you'd get the summer off, plus the next year, plus the following summer and start again that September.
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    Since I'm 13, I won't be having any for a while but I do love to think on such things!

    The ideal for me would be April, May, June, and July (my birth month!). Just because I like the weather and they are far enough from Christmas to be enjoyable. Also, having another Leo in the family would be fun :-)

    I would be okay with March, February, October, and November.

    I would like to avoid September and December for reasons stated before.

    And I wouldn't particularly mind, but imagining I still like August for a boy, I would really hope he wouldn't be born in August (since I plan to be Team Green/Yellow with all of my kids, I won't know if it's a boy or girl), since I think that would be a little preposterous.

    Then again, I have no idea if I'll have any complications growing up, and if I do, I'll be elated to have a baby at any time <3

    And for astrology, like I said before, I would love another Leo. There are quite a few in my family, and I generally prefer strong and brash versus some of the more "meek" for lack of better word, signs. Though I don't think I'd want a Scorpio, from experience, I've never gotten along with any that I've met. Any other sign is fine with me
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