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    Well, in a semi-vacuum, I'd like to have my first baby in May, as I'll probably (still) be in graduate school and courses at my university tend to end at the beginning of May. This would give me all summer to work from home and not have to worry about courses or teaching. Furthermore, a May birthday would still fall within the academic calendar for most primary and secondary schools, thus allowing him or her to celebrate at school. The one big wrench in my wonderful plan (besides conceiving at the right time, of course) is that my DH leaves for about one-to-two months every spring to collect data for a big research project he's conducting 3000 miles away. That would make May the worst possible month for me to give birth!

    There are some studies that suggest some birth month effects on achievement and well being, but I'm not very familiar with the research. I would posit that being one of the youngest kids in the class may exacerbate other existing problems, but that it wouldn't be a huge deal on its own. I dont think it's something I would stress over. I know many school districts allow younger children to be assessed in order to help parents decide wither to start them in school immediately or wait a year.

    Ottilie - The staggering start dates based on age is so interesting! I've never heard of that before.
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    Sorry to butt into the education convo. I've been reading over all the school-related posts and I find it interesting that there so many different systems! When my brothers, cousins and I went to school, we started reception in the term we turned 5, so Sep-Dec babies started in September, Jan-Mar babies started after Christmas and Apr+ babies started after Easter. I don't know if they still do that though. Letting the youngest get used to it in September sounds like a better idea

    I'm guessing it varies state to state (like the education systems in Scotland & N. Ireland are totally different to E&W) but when do most American kids start proper school? And I've never really understood where kindergarten is in relation to the English system

    @uselesskitty 3-4 years old seems very young!
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    @charlieandperry1; I think kindergarten is like reception. In England children start reception the September after they've turned 4 (so some will be almost 5, or actually 5, when they start).

    @raptreverie; I hadn't heard of it before either, but it sounds like a neat system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I'm guessing it varies state to state (like the education systems in Scotland & N. Ireland are totally different to E&W) but when do most American kids start proper school? And I've never really understood where kindergarten is in relation to the English system
    Most start kindergarten at 5. The majority are in some kind of preschool/daycare program by age 3 or 4 (but those vary quite a bit), kindergarten at 5, followed by 1st grade. I think kindergarten would roughly equate to reception in the UK.

    In most states, there's a set date in early fall and children who have turned five by that date would start that year while children who turn five, say in October or November of that year, would wait and start the following most kids are 5 but some are just barely 5 and others are about to turn 6. (Elab on my last post, I'm in Connecticut and I think we're the only state with a December 31 cut-off. Children start the calendar year they turn five whether or not they're 4 or 5 when school actually begins in the fall) Hope that makes sense.
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    Just to elaborate a bit further: In Ontario most kids do two years of kindergarten: They start junior kindergarten in the calendar year they turn 4, so some will not have turned 4 yet. Kindergarten is often a half-day program (although there is a push to have full-day programs) and involves a lot of play-based learning, so it's not rigorous academics or anything. You start Grade 1 when you're around 6 years old.

    Like @uselesskitty, I am a late-September baby, so I started school when I was 3, but I was never behind in school. Actually, we had a lot of fall babies in my year. Must be those cold Canadian winters! :-)

    In terms of best time to have a baby.... I'd go with April or May. It's far enough from Christmas, and would avoid pregnancy in the hot summer months (well, in this hemisphere anyway).
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