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Thread: BNG STory Time!

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    BNG STory Time!

    1. You and your boyfriend have been together for four great years since you were a freshman in college. What college did you go to? What's his name? What does he look like?

    2. After college is over he proposes to you. You gladly say yes. What does the ring look like? What does your wedding dress look like? Where is the wedding held?

    3. You get married and you're on your honeymoon. Where do you go for your honeymoon?

    4. After your honeymoon you decide to buy your first house together. What does it look like? Where is it at?

    5. It's been a year since you lived in your house and you decide it's time to have children. Your first child is an adorable little girl. What do you name her? What does she look like? What does she look like as a teenager?

    6. Your adorable little girl has grown into a playful toddler of three years old. She tends to get lonely at times, because she's sure a playful girl. She has tons of friends but wants someone to play with at home. This time you get a darling little boy. What's his name? What does he look like? What does he look like as a teenager?

    7. Your daughter is growing up fast it really feels like time is flying. Your daughter is already going into the third grade, while your son is just entering the kindergarten. Another little one is in your stomach and it's a gorgeous little girl. What do you name her? What does she look like? What does she look like as she gets older as a teen?

    8. Your children have been begging to get puppies for Christmas. You disagree, because it's hard already taking care of three children. But your neighbor have three puppies for adoption and you can't resist the look on their faces. You take them home for Christmas gifts. What's their names? What breed are they?

    9. Already your last daughter's going to college. They take their puppies with them, but now the puppies are old. You and your husband have saved up pennies to buy a vacation house in Europe. What country in Europe is it in? What does the house look like?

    10. All your children have met their partners and now are going to have children of their own. They each have two children. Your husband just died a year ago and you feel lonely and sad. That's why your son decides to name his daughter your name. What is your name?

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    Me: Briana Elizabeth McCoy.
    Boyfriend: Charles Alexander "Charlie" Aldean.

    College: Harvard University.
    Major: Engineering Sciences.
    Charlie's Major: English.
    Occupation: Civil Engineer.
    Charlie's Occupation: Author.


    Honeymoon: Maldives.
    Home: Asheville, North Carolina

    1. Penelope Rose Aldean.

    2. Aidan Thomas Aldean.

    3. Lily Samantha Aldean.

    Puppies: Max, Daisy, & Marley

    Penelope's College: Harvard University.
    Penelope's Major: Environmental Science and Public Policy.
    Aidan's College: Harvard University.
    Aidan's Major: Folklore and Mythology.
    Lily's College: Harvard University.
    Lily's Major: Germanic Languages and Literatures.

    Vacation House: Madrid, Spain

    Penelope's Occupation: Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner.
    Penelope's Husband: Derek Samuel Blunt.
    Derek's Occupation: Medical Secretary.
    1. Isabelle Marie Blunt.
    2. Charlotte Renee Blunt.

    Aidan's Occupation: Teacher Assistant.
    Aidan's Wife: Emma Catherine Aldean (Reyes).
    Emma's Occupation: Maintenance and Repair Worker.
    1. Brendon Thomas Aldean.
    2. Briana Elizabeth Aldean II.

    Lily's Occupation: Museum Curator.
    Lily's Husband: Richard Michael "Rick" Clarkson.
    Richard's Occupation: Veterinarian.
    1. Oliver William Clarkson.
    2. Amber Kathleen Clarkson.

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    1. Columbia University, Alexander Henry Burken, Brown hair blue eyes

    2. The ring is vintage, you wear a white t shirt and you get married in a court house

    3. Lyons France

    4. Small 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan NYC

    5. Ophelia Sylvie Grace Burken
    The baby has small pink cheeks, As a teenager she is rebellious and has long wavy brown hair and a boho style. She has blue eyes and is very beautiful, even though she does et her self in trouble.

    6. Basil Nicholas Rae Burken
    He is a chubby baby, as a teenager he takes after his mom with short light brown hair and Hazel green eyes. He is a goodish kid, loves football and is defiantly a city kid.

    7. Thea Eilidh Genevieve Burken
    Tiny baby born 2 months early. She is a quiet kid who lives in the shadow of her well known older sibling. Gets knocked up as Junior by her best friend Moses John Allen "Moss" the babies name is Hope Daisy Allen

    8. German shepherd puppies, Tess, Warren, Jutta

    9. Austria, Quaint cottage

    10. Madelaine Katherine Buken

    DH: Alexander Henry Burken "Alex"
    DW: Madelaine Katherine Buken "Maddie"
    DD1: Ophelia Sylvie Grace Burken "Oh"
    --DH: Griffin Malcolm Keller "Griffey"
    --DD1: Charlotte Anne Keller "Lottz"
    --DS1: Nathaniel Henry Keller "Nat"

    DS1: Basil Nicholas Rae Burken "Baz"
    --DW: Amelia Eloise Burken "Amelia"
    --DD1: Madelaine Monday Burken "Laini"
    --DD2: Katherine Kerris Burken "Wren"

    DD2: Thea Eilidh Genevieve Burken "Teddy"
    --Dbf: Moses John Allen "Moss"
    --DD1: Hope Daisy Allen-Butken "Hope"
    --DH: Peter Jack Chandler "Pete"
    --DS1: Anders Jonah Chandler "Andy"
    --DS2: Johannes Alec Chandler "Joey"

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