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    Quote Originally Posted by rachelxoxo View Post
    Ps. I have a friend with the name, Tara. She pronounces it like Sarah.
    I have a friend Tara who says it to rhyme with Lara.

    I agree that the h on the end is unnecessary though.

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    I've heard Tara both tah-rah and tayr-uh, but I really love Terra. (please vote!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rachelxoxo View Post
    I actually like Tara best. The second would be Terra. The 'h' looks unnecessary in the other one (plus it will always be missed anyway). GL

    Ps. I have a friend with the name, Tara. She pronounces it like Sarah.
    My given name was Tara, pronounced with a hard a to rhyme with Sara. I changed the spelling to Terra when I was 18 because Tara is pronounced with a soft a to rhyme with car-a outside of the US and I travel/live abroad quite a bit.

    I would suggest using Terra if you prefer that pronunciation since there hasn't been any confusion anywhere and I've received tons of compliments since I changed it.

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    I like Terra the best out of all of them, followed by Tara, and then Tarah.

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    I am from the NY tri-stae area. To me, Sarah is pronounced "Sah-ra". My husband is from MD and would pronounce it "Sair-a". Others, still, would say "Sar-a". Pick the spelling you like best. It's a name people are going to pronounce differently geographically speaking anyway.

    Just an aside, I would pronounce Terra, "Teh-ra" - the e like "eh" how one would teach a child learning to read.

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