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    These don't necessarily bother me, but since this thread is getting more attention than the "What names have we missed" I thought I stick them here.

    Ariadne -- I'd love if her pronunciation were added. air-ee-add-nee.

    Artemis -- The description says "Artemis is the ancient goddess of the moon and the hunt, equivalent to the Roman Diana, but a fresher and more distinctive, if offbeat, choice. Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo, one of the twelve deities who lived on Mount Olympus. She is also the goddess of children and all weak things..."
    It should say she's the goddess of Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, young girls, childbirth and plague. In later times she became associated with the moon.

    Demeter -- She isn't just the goddess of agriculture. She's goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest, growth and nourishment.

    Gaia -- you have it listed as gay-uh or guy-uh. The first is wrong. It's only guy-uh

    Hestia -- She is actually the goddess of the hearth, home and chastity.

    Psyche -- in her description, you say "loved by Cupid". This is Greek, not Roman, so it should say "loved by Eros". She also became the goddess of the soul.

    Xanthe -- this is one I've asked to be fixed repeatedly. It is pronounced ZAN-thee. Not either of the ways you have it listed.

    Apollo -- you have him listed as medicine, music, and poetry. He's really God of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness, prophecy, poetry, purity, athletism, manly beauty, and enlightenment.

    Atlas -- he carries the sky on his shoulders, not the world.

    Eros -- god of love AND Sexual Intercourse

    Dionysius -- This is just wrong. It's Dionysus (you've added an I that shouldn't be there)

    Hermes -- he's not just a messenger. He's the God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, thievery, trickery, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandry.

    Pan -- He's the god of shepherds, pastures, and fertility. It would be nice to see it. Pan also means "all" not feather and it's where the word Panic comes from.

    Zeus -- He's not just the supreme god. He's also god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and fate.

    I know I'm being picky, but like I said, this is my religion and I would love it if it could get the same respect and attention the Christian names on here do. I don't want to feel like the site is a bit insensitive towards people who are not Christian or Jewish. I love this site and I love the work Pam and Linda put into it, but I just think it would be nice to see the full, factual information added when it's pointed out please. Thank you and I appreciate you guys.
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    Dantea - thanks for listing those. I've never bothered to look up the Greek Gods and Goddesses because I was so obsessed with them when I was a teen - so looking them up on a name-site seemed unnecessary- but I think the problems you pointed out are all fairly obvious even to the most cursory knowledge and definitely could do with a sprucing up to reflect and honor an ancient religion like yours.
    Eros could also be listed as the god of emotional and physical love if that makes it more palatable to a general audience.
    The English word erotic is derived from the Greek eros (you can look this up in the Chambers Dictionary of Etymology) which makes this addition in particular all the more desirable.
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    Dantea- you beat me to it. I was going to post about Persephone and Artemis, I love those names and it bothers me so much. "All weak things"- seriously? No, just no.
    BTW I Love Persephone Elysia Willow! So beautiful!
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    Names on Nameberry that have been listed as German but would be more accurately described as Germanic:

    Adelaide (F) -
    Adelaide is the English/French version of the German name Adelheid.

    Adela (F) -
    Adela is Ancient Germanic. The famous St Adela from the 7th century was a Frankish Princess.

    Adelia (F) -
    Portuguese/Italian variation of Adela/Adele. ( &

    Alice (F) -
    This is another name with Germanic origins, it seems to be a English variant of the German Adelheid or Heidi. ( &

    Amilia (F) - has this listed as Dutch version of Emilia.

    Anastasie (F) -
    This is so close to the Russian Anastasia I'm not sure why it pops up under German origin names. Just FYI: Stasi is not a positive term to most Germans as it was the abbreviation used for the Ministry for State Security (or the East German Police). This might be a reason it's hard to find information on German origins on the name now though - it would probably sound too Russian and oppressive.

    Haldis (F) - and both list Haldis as a Scandinavian name.

    Vischer (M) -
    the translation to "fisherman" seems unlikely since the correct German spelling is Fischer. I'd be interested in your sources for this name since it would have to be a form of archaic German that'd I'd love to learn more about.

    Abelard (M) -
    I searched, and None of these sites list this name. However, and list Abelarda (f) and Abelardo (m) as italian in origin.

    Abt (M) -
    This is a German masculine world referring to the Abbot at a Monastery. ( I however, was not able to find evidence that this was used as a name in Germany - which considering the restrictions on naming that were in place till a few years ago would seem surprising if it was in fact a german name.

    Adelio (M) -
    I just assume this is the male version of Adelia which is Italian/Portuguese. How is Adelio then German?

    Agedius (M) -
    Aegedius is listed on as late Roman.

    Amory (M/F) -
    from the french Amaury. The German male equivalent is listed by as Emmerich.

    Baer (M) - suggests its Limburgish and do not list it although it is the German word for Bear. (Which would make sense because until very recently it probably would not have been considered an appropriate name for a person by the German government.)

    Berlin (M) -
    The translation to the word borderline seems incorrect. According to the area that is now the German Capital can be traced to the word-root brl- that can be understood as "swamp" and the typical location suffix ending of -n. Which would make Berlin the Town by the Swamp.

    Names found with different spellings: Alfried and Alwar (both of these make more sense to the German language but I couldn't find evidence that Alfrid or Alvar were not german).
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    Hi Dantea -- I'm going to revisit all the names you listed. In some cases, we won't add every single thing the deity is god of, not to be disrespectful but in the interest of brevity and focus on the name itself. Dantea, I would seriously love it if you would write a guest blog for us giving lots more detail on all these names! It's such an interesting topic and you are definitely the expert.

    And just to let everyone know, you are going to see big changes on Nameberry over the next few weeks, so forgive us if we don't have time to address individual name issues asap.
    Pam Satran

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