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    I used to belong to Yahoo Answers and it's sad that I could always tell berries or similar from other naming boards in comparison to the other members, it was a little comical.
    Haha, me too. It's pretty easy to spot Allegra and Julian in amongst Shaynna, Brailee and friends.
    much love and i are waiting for you;
    Rosemary Oona Blythe (Romy) & Sibyl Damaris Lily (Billie)
    Emmett John Cosmo & Wilfred Alec Oberon (Wolfie)

    Alba Honey & Wilbur Jack
    Raphaela Nuala & Emmanuel Tomo
    Annabel Briar & Dylan Cedric
    Maude Amelia & Edgar Nicholas
    Iseabal Fay & Sylvan Baez
    Perdita Margo & Virgil Caspian

    *favourites rotate often; see my extensive lists here.
    [olivia, nineteen, filmmaker & future mama / i live in england with a fluffy black cat, shura]

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