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    I'd love to see more information about Ula! All it says is "see Uda" which leads to no further information.
    Great resource for name popularity over the last 120 years:

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    Quote Originally Posted by labmama View Post
    Please add Lance- "Lance, despite the heroic achievements of Lance Armstrong, has a rather limp-wristed soap opera image"
    Things like this are more damaging to the integrity of this site more than a horde of trollish posters announcing the births of their pesudo-triplets. As previous posters have already said, the use of the term "limp-wristed" is appalling.
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    I think the descriptions on this site are meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but, still, sometimes they're a little offensive. Like when I come across a name I think is nice, look it up, and am pretty much told I'm wrong for liking it. For example, I really like Darcy for a boy. I know it's used as a girls name. But the description - "a bit feminine for an American boy" - is off-putting. I felt a bit demoralised when I read it. I had to remind myself that it's only one person's opinion of the name.

    By the way, I have NO IDEA why the name India is controversial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    By the way, I have NO IDEA why the name India is controversial.
    As far as I can tell only Americans think India is an offensive name. The rest of the world doesn't care...

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    While I agree that there is no defence for genuinely homophobic or bigoted name reviews, I would like to offer a word of support for the name entries. A huge part of the reason that I am attracted to Nameberry is because it is the only name site I have found that offers humour and a genuine opinion , not just on a name's meaning, but on the name itself. This is necessarily subjective, and not everyone is going to agree with a negative review of a name they love. This doesn't make the review offensive (i.e. stating that a name can be used for both a girl or a boy) - you may disagree, but that is similarily just your subjective opinion.
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