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    The best name descriptions are the ones that provide history and origin of names, as well as pop culture references, etc, in an objective and unbiased way. For example, the new entry for Antoine is great! Describes its history (French), its popularity over the years, its namesakes, and its variations. I think it's a great example of what a name entry should look like. Unfortunately, there's still quite a few that don't look like that, but I'm sure, in time, they'll all be great!
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    We really are trying to get to a lot of these names--but bear in mind, there are 50,000!

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    Thank you Pam and Linda!
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    Thank you for doing this!

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    The description for Carly kind of offends me! It isn't a favorite of mine, but the description said "it could by no stretch be considered fashionable." I disagree, I think it's a cute, fresh feminization that has a great hippie feel since it came out of the 70's. Huff.
    I think Nameberry should leave their personal opinions out of the descriptions. They can be really offensive. This site is supposed to provide name IDEAS, not say what is and what is not "fashionable" all across the board.

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