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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    The entries for Antoine and Lance have been updated, everyone.
    I am very, very relieved to hear this. Hopefully more and more name entries will receive appropriate commentary as time goes by.

    @emmabobemma, I see where you're coming from about wondering whether facts about the names would be the route to go, and I think for some sites, etymology does take precedence, but this is not one of them. Pam and Linda have geared their name book style towards style categories, and that's why "Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana" was the first name book I bought. I'm not sure if you've seen Laura Wattenburg's book, but she does a fantastic and objective job with her commentary, as well as the style categories. I truly do believe there's a way to be respectful and objective, but still give one's opinion.
    ETA: I think a lot of the descriptions here are positive (all of my to p4 have great commentary), but there are definitely a handful that should be reviewed.
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    This one isn't very urgent, but I was looking at Farrah, which NB has it listed as 'unfashionable'. It also has an interesting commentary, and in case someone deletes it, here's what it says under 'Famous People named Farrah':

    I wish I could edit the uncomplimentary review of this name as "unfashionable". It's one of the few Persian names that work just as well in English, is feminine, fun, and the name of an Iranian Queen.

    Nameberry needs to edit it too. It's shot back onto the charts, and how. It's a lovely name with a lovely meaning!

    NB should also edit the origins, I have no idea why they're saying this is an English name.

    Farrah is an English name. It is a sir name in my family, it however was pronounced Fa-rah and not Fair-ruh. Because of this family history my husband and I are looking to name our daughter Farrah but use the more common pronunciation. But, yes, there are English roots.

    I went on BTN and it did list Farrah as an Arabic name. I went on the Surname portion of it and couldn't find any entry for it as an English surname.
    And, on Farrah being unfashionable, it jumped onto the charts in 2010 to 549. I think that counts as rising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I haven't seen anyone on this thread trashing you or Linda. In fact, I've seen people (including myself) saying repeatedly that they love the site and respect your work. It seems like you're trying to side-step the fact that there are dozens of entries on the database that are openly, explicitly homophobic and misogynistic. Your fans are allowed to be upset about that.
    It also bothers me that there's this air of users "having to agree with everything" on the site. That's a generalizing description of the feeling I'm referring too. I just can't put it into other words.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    The entries for Antoine and Lance have been updated, everyone.
    Thank you for updating us on that.

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    Hooray, the new entry for Antoine is lovely. Very objective and descriptive. It also reflects its dual identity as a French name & African-American name.
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