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    1) Do you like the name?
    I don't like it and I have no idea why because it is a perfectly good name. So, putting my own personal tastes somewhat aside here are my thoughts.

    I like it better than Nathanial (which for some reason I have a hard time pronouncing). It is a classic and likeable name. Has been used consistently for generations. It is biblical which is a plus for many people.

    2) Who do you imagine with this name?

    My co-worker's hubby is named Nathan so that is all I picture when I hear the name.

    3) How awful would Nathan be with brothers such as Bram, Rory, Emile, or Dashiell (Dash)?

    I don't think Nathan sounds bad with any of those names. Dashiell does stick out a bit like a sore thumb though. Sibsets have to be really really mismatched for me to notice or care.

    4) What names would you put in a sibset with Nathan that aren't as common/classic?

    Uncommon: Nolan, Leander, Darren, Marcus,
    Common/Classic:Jacob, Andrew, Adam, Noah, Seth, Benjamin, Matthew, David

    5) How bad would the flow be with middle names Richard Dale?

    Nathan Richard Dale sounds great.
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