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    Post This REALLY is your life BNG

    Your name is _________________ you are 14 years old and have a passion for art..
    What do you look like: ( describe yourself or add a picture)

    You live with your (pick their names & ages) Mum _______ _______ Dad _______ ________ Middle sister ________ _______ Youngest sister________ ________ & twin brothers _______ ________ , _______ _______ on a small cul-de-sac street (similar to desperate housewived street) with only 12 houses. You have lived here for as long as you can remember. Your mum is also currently pregnant with her 6th child a little girl and your baby sister. She has asked you & your siblings to pick her name. You all decided she has to have 2 middle names & you come up with : ________ _______ _______ .

    3 months later just before your mum is due with your sister you have some new neighbours move in across the street. 3 boys and their parents, you watch the moving van pull up unload and them pull away.. You catch a glimpse of the eldest boy rummaging through a box that seems to have his name on but however much you squint you cannot fathom the name.. Your mum has made a cake for them as that's what seems to happen when new people move in. Mum makes you take the cake over to them.. You find out that they are from ___________(Your choice) & they have moved here because the father had a promotion at work (what does he do?)

    You find out their names instead of having to refer to them as him her and they
    They are the ___________'s (last name)
    Mum is called __________ Dad is called: ___________ Eldest boy:_________ (age 15)
    Middle boy:__________ Youngest boy: __________ (How old are they?)

    You become friends with (eldest boy) who is a year older than you and start hanging out with him he is also in to (what kind of music) music as you are.. (everything you dreamed of in a boy) After the boy has lived opposite you for a whole 3 months you and he start dating, you find out that he is in to theactrical arts and painting.

    After being n a relationship with ( bf) for 3 years, when you're 17, and he is 18 you move out your parents houses, and into a flat together in __________. Your both doing really well for yourselves; At 17 1/2 you get engaged. (How does he propose) and then in the next month (fiance) gets a lead role in a theater production. You celebrate both your engagement & DF's job by going for a nice meal at a restaurant. (what restaurant? if you dont want to dont fill in this bit)

    6 months later you start to feel groggy and not yourself.. DF tells you to take a test. Your adamant you just have a bug.. but you take one just to be sure.. turns out DF was right you were pregnant, you go to see the dr and find otu that not only are you pregnant but you are 4months pregnant with identical twin girls!!
    You and DF move to a 3 bed house which will be better for you and the twins as you cant stay in the flat as its too small.. (Where do you move? & what is you new home like.. )

    On october 11th, you have you babies just 3 weeks before your 18th birthday! You want twin A to have your mothers name or middle name as her middle name and twin B to have DFs mothers name or middle name as her middle. Twin girls names are : _________ __________ & __________ __________ . (what do they look like)

    When the twins are just 9 months old you find out your pregnant again - your still 18! When you're 19, you give birth to the baby on a holiday *name bank at bottom of page if required* & you decide to show that in your baby boys name! (choose between 1/2 middle names)
    You name him : _________ _________ _________ . (what does he look like)

    At age 22, you and DF get married at (where) and go on honeymoon to (your choice) for 2 weeks and your's & your now DH parents look after the children between them.. you have a great holiday even though you missed the children loads! 3 weeks after you return from you honeymoon you find out that you are expecting again!! This time you and DH decide to keep this baby as a surprise.... Roll here

    (1= boy|2= girl|3= twins(roll again- 135 =girl twins 246=boy twins) 4= B/G twins 5=Triplets - 6= quads. (roll for genders if you got a 5 or 6- 123 =girl twins 456=boy)

    8 and a half months later you have give birth you name the baby/babies: __________. (what does baby/ies look like)

    A year later you move house, to an area similar to where you were brought up. (Is it near your parents??) The street you move to is called: ______________ (What does your new house look like.. & how many bedrooms does this house have.. is it enough to cater for your seemingly ever expanding family??)

    You enjoy having children around but you decide not to have anymore for a bit..

    A year later at 27, your best friend i thinking about adopting. You end up liking the idea your self, and after talking with you Dh, he agrees & you adopt 2 boys... One has blonde hair and and blue eyes is 1 year older then your 2nd twins. The other has brown hair and big green eyes and is 3 years old. They have names already but you are able to pick out a middle name for them each as you don't want to change their first names as they already know what they are called.

    Oldest is called _________________ youngest is called _________________ .

    2 years later At 29yrs old you have a son, you name him after your dad..

    3 yrs later another, who you name after DH dad..


    Then a yr later a daughter - you name this child after your middle sister
    girl: _____________________

    At 35... you decide to try for once more but end up with 2 extra surprised Triplets! 2 handsome boys and 1 stunning little girls: you give them all 2 middle names. The 2 boys will be named after your twin brothers and your Dh brothers.. and the little girl you want to name this daughter after your youngest sister and your grandmother.
    Boy: _________ ___________ __________
    Boy: _________ ___________ __________
    Girl: _________ ___________ __________

    ____ Years (you decide) later everyone comes together for christmas at your mansion of a home..

    You can add your siblings & their children and partners too if they have any and ages too if you wish!

    Have fun & enjoy... x
    (I hope its okay i was trying to do my best despite my 2 little ones running around after me and trying to get at my pc & keyboard!! )

    New Years:
    GIRLS:Audrey Aurora Dawn January Champagne Renee Garnet Usha Nova Novella
    BOYS:Cork Newman Newlyn Newcomb Renae / Renee Walid
    Valentines Day:
    Valentino Romeo Beau Eros Doved Philo Ehud Cullen Adonis Thaddeus
    St. Patricks Day:
    Patrick Sean Grady Colin Seamus Aedan Dillon Ronan Liam Desmond
    Peter Matthew Mark John Paul Joseph Luke
    4th Of July:
    BOYS; John Lincoln George Julian/Julius
    Freddy Herman Igor Charles Damian Frank Vlad Jack Casper Forrest Jason
    Henry John Miles William Shakir Samoset Squanto
    Emmanuel Kris Klaus Christopher Kringle Noel Christian Timothy Gabriel Joseph Nicholas
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