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    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    Elyot makes it look like it should be said el-yot. It looks really bad imo.Elyot is awful.
    I agree with this. Elyot is ridiculous! Adding random Y's to names doesn't make them more feminine, it just makes them misspelled.

    I believe Elliot is the most common spelling when used as a girl's name. I would stick to that. I wouldn't cut out an "L", the double "L"s make it seem more similar to Ellie/Ella, which makes it seem slightly more feminine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I would advise you to avoid the trendy "y" and spell it correctly for either gender (Eliot, Elliot, and Elliott are all legitimate spellings). Even better, may I suggest you give your daughter the similar form of Eliette (French female name).
    I second this.
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    I wouldn't name a girl Elliott. But if you must, I would use the traditional spelling (Elliott or Elliot) - stay away from the trendy "y" - which just makes a classic name look tacky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hilary_jeanne View Post
    I totally forgot that there was a girl named Eliot on Scrubs. Haha!
    I would point out that an ongoing theme for Elliot Reid on scrubs was that she was always trying to please her father - who (I believe) wished that she had been a boy.

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    I was going to say, what about adding an e at e end of Eliott. Eliette, even better! But I don't mind Eliotte better than any of the y spellings....
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