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    Starting a new job while pregnant

    So, I start a new job in a week. The small wrinkle: I will be 9 weeks pregnant. Obviously, this is not ideal. I had lunch with my new boss today, and he was busy telling me about all the travel I will be doing. Gulp! Anyone ever been in this situation? Do I tell him right away, wait until 12 weeks, or leave it until I'm showing? Has anyone done a lot of international travel for work while pregnant? I'm excited for the role, but my secret is making me feel pretty anxious.
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    You already have the job? Then you should disclose the pregnancy right away. The longer heads-up the have re: your maternity leave, the better for all. You absolutely don't want to look like you're concealing it or being deceptive.
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    I agree with blade. As long as you have the job already for certain, I would disclose this info ASAP. Possibly on your first day next week or even before. Are you planning to return to the job after your allowed maternity leave? If so, I would make that abundantly clear as well. Plus the sooner you get this off your chest the better you will feel not having to be secretive. You have a solid amount of time to prove your work ethic before the baby is born so capitalize on that and it should not be a big deal in the long run.

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    I do have the job. I guess I'm torn between telling him on the first day and getting it all out in the open versus taking some time to prove to him that I've got a strong work ethic. I do intend to return, and have a great support network to look after baby, am very committed to this job, etc, all of which I will explain. So far the consensus is I come clean ASAP, which I kind of agree with but am also dreading. Time to bone up on the megawatt smile, ugh.

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    I concur - tell them as soon as you can, I might personally wait until the 12 week point, but since you are starting at 9 weeks, waiting until past the "safe point" of 12 weeks is acceptable in my opinion.

    That being said, they cannot fire you simply because you are pregnant. If you were to start slipping in performance then it might come into question - but it's not legal to fire you for being pregnant. If you, for example, lied on your application and were asked if you could lift 25lbs and you said yes and then turn around and say "I can't do that, I'm pregnant", that would be totally different - but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    If it were me, I would approach it in a very business like way. Just say "I wanted to inform you that I will be needing X amounts of time for maternity leave in x month" - something along those lines. Just some suggestions! Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck!

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