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  • Jasper

    19 16.81%
  • Conrad

    47 41.59%
  • Roland

    74 65.49%
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    @tfzol- No disrespect received. I recognize that it is a bit of an oversimplification to say that Chinese names are inspired by nature themes, there does seem to be more frequent direct or indirect connection to nature themes in Chinese names, at least more frequent than in western names. At least that's my impression, I could certainly be wrong. Characters symbolizing a forest or a mountain seem to be pretty common, my first son's Chinese name (瑞晗) has a character that symbolizes the dawn. Or if not directly, it also seems like a lot of names have radicals in the character that are from sun, moon, mountain or others. Plus, as my wife is from the Naxi ethnic minority (we live in Lijiang), the traditional cultural/belief system of the Naxi people is very focused on nature/environment (in quite similar ways to how many traditional Native American culture/belief systems do).
    And regarding your suggestions of Kian and Cyrus, it's funny you mention Kian, because Kian was actually our number one choice for quite some time before we decide it sounded too similar to our first son's name (Rayhan), because indeed we were going to use the Persian pronunciation (which has the same 'ahn' ending sound as Rayhan). Actually I am not Persian myself, just happen to have a Persian name (and as a member of the Baha'i Faith, which was born in Persia 170 years ago, I do have a meaningful connection to Persian names) and was inspired by that to name our first son a Persian name (especially since the pronunciation was also exactly the same as a great Chinese name that we loved, which really pushed Rayhan far into the lead as potential names for our first child), but we would prefer to name our second child from another culture, since we like the idea of having a 'world' family naming dynamic to accompany our 'world citizen' type of mindset (well, I say this, but Jasper is actually a name with Persian roots itself, but we really like that name a lot anyways)

    @aurora- It is a difficult question to answer, isn't it? I really didn't want to cut any of them. Decided to cut Roland for basically the reason you mentioned, perhaps a bit too matchy with Rayhan. And we don't wanna great an 'R' theme in case we end up having a third child. We decided to go ahead and cut out Conrad as well, cuz while I really like the name and feel it goes with Rayhan really well, but I just don't like it quite as deeply as Jasper (or Emrys, Amias or Evander). And even though Jasper certainly is more popular than our other options, I think that outside the Nameberry world it's not a name that trending up overly quickly (and being that it's like the #280 most used name these days, I don't think it's too common for us to cut off the possibility list). And I think it actually pairs up and sounds really good next to Rayhan as well. So we've finally got a top 4! I'm really happy with all 4 of them, and feel confident that whatever name (of these four) we end up going with will be one we'll love forever.
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    I would cut Jasper. It is ok, but has an almost trendy feel.

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    I don't like Roland.

    Jasper is nice.

    I'm not super fond of Conrad, but I like the nn Rad or Raddy
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    Quote Originally Posted by javad View Post
    I just don't like it quite as deeply as Jasper (or Emrys, Amias or Evander). So we've finally got a top 4! I'm really happy with all 4 of them, and feel confident that whatever name (of these four) we end up going with will be one we'll love forever.
    Congratulations javad! It's a wonderful list. How are you & your wife ranking them right now? And are her parents selecting the Chinese name, or you?
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    I really like Jasper. It has a nice meaning and history. Conrad is okay. It seems really popular where I live. Not a fan of Roland.

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