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    Middle Name for Anya

    We're expecting baby number one in about six weeks or so and if it's a girl, we know we are going to use Anya for a first name. We cannot pick a middle name. We have a few we're thinking of, mostly all honor someone in our lives. Some ideas include:
    Anya Caroline
    Anya Lola (this is for someone named Dolores that we'd like to honor)
    Anya Georgia
    Anya Cynthia
    Anya Elizabeth

    What are your thoughts on the flow of these and do you have any other ideas? Our last name is very generic, Thompson.


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    Oddly I really like Anya Dolores. Doesn't seem like something I would like, but it sounds very classic and strong to me.

    Honestly I don't know if anything else really jumps out to me. I don't like the-a endings with Anya, so Georgia, Cynthia, and Lola are out. The others are okay, but not the best flow.

    I would do something with an ending like Frances, Beatrice, Cadence, Mabel, Lorraine, Margo, Lenore, Colette

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    Anya Caroline or Anya Elizabeth-since I would avoid middles ending in A.
    What about:
    Anya Nicolette
    Anya Jaselle
    Anya Bryony
    Anya Joelle
    Anya Alexis
    Anya Cheyenne
    Anya Soleil

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    Anya Faith is a good combanation of names it just flows from your mouth and it fits together (i think i mentioned that )

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    Of your choices, I think Anya Elizabeth sounds best.
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