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Thread: Clement

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    What do you think of Clement?
    What middle name would you suggest?


    Edit: I decided to play around with a few combos for Clement. These are what I have so far:

    Clement Arlo
    Clement Avery
    Clement Boyd
    Clement Forest / Forrest
    Clement Foster
    Clement Hawthorne
    Clement Hugo
    Clement Julian
    Clement Lark
    Clement Lewis
    Clement Noel
    Clement Quincy

    I particularly like Clement Forrest. Think there are any keepers?
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    I love Clement! The French pronunciation is prettier (Clay-mont with a very soft 't', essentially) but I like the English pronunciation too. I think of your combos, Clement Arlo and Clement Hawthorne are my favorites.
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    I really like it. Clement isn't even on most people's radars, which is a shame. I love the meaning, and I love the stately feel it has to it. Clement would be a great choice.

    I like Clement Avery, Clement Julian, and Clement Hugo.
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    I love it, too. I wish I could use it, personally. It's such a dignified and peaceful name, with a wonderful meaning. The world doesn't have enough mercy.
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    Interesting name, I just repeated it a few times out loud and it rapidly takes a hold. The meaning is amazing. I like it with a vowel starting middle, Arlo and Avery sound great with it.

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