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    Red face The eve of Halloween game.

    You have 16 births altogether:

    Husband: ( You may choose parents names or use one from the name bank.)

    1) Daughter:
    2) Daughter:
    3) Son:
    4) Son:
    5) Daughter/Son:
    6) Son
    7) Son
    8) Daughter/Daughter:
    9) Son:
    10) Son:
    11) Daughter:
    12) Daughter:
    13) Son/Son/Son:
    14) Daughter:

    Male Namebank:

    Bram, Casper, Chucky, Damien, Edgar, Frank, Freddy, Ichabod, Igor, jack, Jason, Leif, Storm, Treat, October, Banquo, Erik, Vlad, Wolfgang, Dexter, Herman, Quinn, Xavier, Salem, Alistair, Orev, Phoenix, Xander, Griffin, Draco, Cerberus, Daetrin, Damon, Darius, Dimitri,. Felipe, Felix, Garon, Garrett, Hunter, Kaleo, Konrad, Kraven, Langley, marko, Maladict, Mitchell, Rido, Silas, Viktor, Zero, Embry, Lucier, Lestat, Loki, Orin, Talon, Regan, Raven

    Female Namebank:
    Fiona, Hermione, Freya, Lucretia, Sabrina, piper, Bonnie, Elvira, Helena, Melanie, Linnet, Araminta, Autumn, Candy, Carrie, Kitty, Eve, Lolly, Luna, Tabitha, tempest, Trixie, Mona, Glenda, Nina, Moticia, Quinn, Ursula, Sukie, Winifred, Eglantine, Lavender, Nessarose, Ravenna, Lenobia, Clementianna, Alice, Bianca, Fala, Lara, Morgana, Mystery, Nissa, Priscilla, Romilia, Zoey, Chaos, Cruella, Endora, Hilda, Misty, Alchemy, Cynthia, Lamia.
    Dani mum to lil stunner Bailey (5) & mini minx Liberty (3)
    ↓ Future names ↓
    Kairi Peyton (contemplating 2nd middle name)
    Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan

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    Wife: Carrie
    Husband: Frank
    1. Hermione
    2. Alice
    3. Dexter
    4. Casper
    5. Lavender/Felix
    6. Silas
    7. Draco
    8. Morgana/Eve
    9. Xander
    10. Damien
    11. Helena
    12. Fiona
    13. Xavier/Victor/Quinn
    14. Cynthia
    15. Freya
    16. Luna

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    Wife: Winifred Priscilla *Winnie*
    Husband: Xavier Bram

    1) Daughter: Luna Quinn
    2) Daughter: Autumn Lucretia
    3) Son: Damon Frank
    4) Son: Alistair Edgar
    5) Daughter/Son: Helena Hermione & Silas Salem
    6) Son: Mitchell Herman
    7) Son: Orin Dexter
    8) Daughter/Daughter: Fiona Tempest & Freya Trixie
    9) Son: Wolfgang Felix *Wolf*
    10) Son: Kaleo Phoenix
    11) Daughter: Melanie Glenda
    12) Daughter: Zoey Mona
    13) Son/Son/Son: Jack Garon & Griffin Cerberus & Casper Jason
    14) Daughter: Piper Nina
    15)Daughter: Bianca Lavender
    16)Daughter: Sabrina Cynthia
    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Every experience, no matter how bad it seems,
    holds within it a blessing of some kind.
    The goal is to find it.
    - Buddha

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    United Kingdom
    19 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    Avia, Abigail, Athena, Betsy, Clementine, Charlotte, Cecily, Darcy, Evelyn, Emmeline, Freya, Isla, Mila
    Arthur, Alfred, Benjamin, Elliot, Freddie, Grayson, Isaac, James, Jude, Jasper, Milo, Remus, Theo, Tate

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