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    Hi!! and welcome to Nameberry.... I knew I had to comment when I saw your kids' names...Phoebe and Mackenzie are sooo cute. I would have never thought of putting them together in a sibset, but I love it! I also agree with @milliemm, that it would be better not to use Teagan again. you want another name ending in the 'ee' sound, or do you want something different? Just looking at your signature, I think Cain, Louie, Liam, Shane, Eden and Esme are wonderful. I also really like Miranda and Maisie, but I don't know if you want two 'M' names?? I can see where you're having a hard time with girls' names. A few ideas.....
    I'm sure you can find a girl's name you love....just keep looking and asking. Good luck..
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    I do love EE ending names, however it's not a necessity. I do like Bronte (BRONTAY), I think that's beautiful but I don't know if it looks masculine? And I studied the Bronte sisters at School and loved there work! Hence why I like Teagan (Little Poet). I also like Joseph "Joey" and Chandler, for boys, and I don't mind the association with friends as thats where I got the name chandler, but Joseph is a popular name, I also like Felicity! Girls are ALOT harder, as I prefer really unique sounding/looking, but not too out there, and have to be a bit feminine! :/ Definetly a tricky one. Lol and thank you for your suggestions, but none you said, really JUMP out at me. :-( & Thank you for the name compliment above. Haha. x
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    I do love Brooke aswell! On my signature, the only girl names I truly like are: Teagan, Brooke, Jamie, Lydia, Ellie-Mae but the rest are just OK. lol
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    You seem really confused what your naming style is. You say you love feminine but then your favourite names are verging on uni-sex. I would say you are after a spunky vibe like Phoebe but a name that is still more on the girls side if possible?
    Of your choices Brooke for a girl and Charlie for a boy. (Charles sounds way too formal next to the other two I think)…
    I have a Phoebe too so I will start with the names that were on my list then move on to some more suggestions!
    Felicity-girly girl…But too me still spunky!
    Freya-Love it-was heads to head with Phoebe till naming day.
    Holly-ha could not have it-Phoebe was born Xmas day. Hubbys number one choice.
    Lola (love love love this name the meaning just got to me-but did consider longer versions and nn lola)!
    Heidi-Just love it.
    Lucia-Lulu is just the cutest nn ever and Lucia such an elegant older girls name.
    Cleo-SUPER SPUNKY! Did not go with my last name though so had to lose it.
    Thea-Ha only thing that gets to me is it can sound like you have a lisp saying it too often…But adore the name.
    My boys list was:
    Hugo-this name sounds lovely with Phoebe. My favourite boy match.
    Zac (Chances are we will have a variation of Zac if we have a boy next like Zachary…It is kind of popular but it has been a favourite name of mine since I was a child-can not say the same for Phoebe-that name I fell in love with when pregnant)!
    Isaac (Zac)-
    Angus (Gus)
    Other suggestions you may like:
    I have no other boy suggestions. Do you have other rules like no same starting initial? 

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    Hello. I am looking for spunky yet girly names definetly. and I do love felicity nn flis
    I like Freya and Lola.. and Lexi. And Felix and dexter however my favourite boys name besides Mackenzie is Leo.
    And I have no rules!
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