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    I was nearly a Jessica, but the other baby being born in the hospital I was born in that day was named Jessica, and it turned my mother off the idea. I actually think Jessica suits me more, but am still glad I wasn't called it.

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    If I had been a boy my name would have been Timothy, which I like (not keen on Tim though) .
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    If we'd had boys the list was: Godfrey, Seamus, Alexander, Michael, Felix, Peter, Ignatius & Sebastian.

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    My mum wanted to name me Robin or Selma, and in a way I'd wish she had gone with Selma. Nevertheless, I am glad she decided to scrap Robin seeing as it is mainly used on boys here in Denmark. The rest of family wanted me to be named Laura after my great-grandmother, but my mum associated that name so much with her beloved grandmother that she couldn't see me as a Laura at all (she also finds it odd that my little cousin is named Laura).
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    My mum wanted to name me Amelia, but since she had chosen my older brothers name, she let my dad choose. I recall them saying that my dad liked Harriet but went with a name he had heard in a horror film, Rowan.

    If I had been a boy I would have been called Richard, I'm not sure if I would have had a middle name, since my brother doesn't, I do but it is a family middle that was passed down the generations.

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    I would have been John Moses if I had been a boy.

    John was on some documentation of my great-grandfather's on my dad's sideas one of his names but so have Jules, Julian, and George been found on various things of his, and religiously he was a Judah. So really you'd have had a wealth of options. Not sure if there was a reason they picked John since they always called that great-granddad Jules. I think they just wanted the J and a strong, simple name.

    Moses a family name.

    My brother has the Moses buried among his various middle names, but not the John, as a cousin was born in the intervening time and was named after Jules instead. (With a J name that's neither Jules nor John).

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