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    Cair Paravel :)

    Thoughts on these crushes?

    Nathan (maybe nn Nate)
    Kai (I love how international Kai is! With origins in Hawaii, Japan, and Scandinavia, it just seems so cool and effortless to me. I've heard one of the meanings is "delight", which I think is pretty awesome)

    How do they measure up to the names in my signature? Particularly Sam, Charlie, and Boaz? While I am still very much in love with Samuel, Charles, and Boaz, I'd ideally like to get my list back down to a top 10, and I'm trying to figure out where these crushes would land. Do any of them not really fit in with my favorites?

    Thanks, ladies!

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    I think Nathan is okay. I prefer the similar Ethan, though I like the nn Nate. Nathan is underused and would age well.

    I can't get behind Owen with this spelling. I prefer Eoin or Eoghan, though those spellings are completely impractical outside of Ireland. I think it just loses a little of its charm when spelled phonetically.

    Kai is an extremely low-rent name where I live. In my area, Kai has a brother called Jaidynn and a sister called My'kenzee. I love the meaning but its overuse where I live makes it very unappealing to me. This might not be the case in your area, but in the UK, Kai does have quite a down market feel.

    As for the others, I adore Charles nn Charlie and Samuel nn Sam, so handsome, classy and timeless. I can see Charlie and Sam with sisters Bella and Arianna very easily. I'm not a fan of Boaz at all, I find it a clunky, unappealing and whiny in sound (sorry). I do love Beau as an alternative though I appreciate Beau is like marmite - From what I've seen, its a name that is either loved or hated!

    So, in conclusion, I like Nathan. I would drop Boaz from your top 10 and swap it for Nathan, leaving Sam and Charlie. I really love all the names in your signature!

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    Nathan: Although I like Nathaniel more, Nathan is very handsome. Perhaps that's because I fancied the pants off a TV character called Nate once, but it's still lovely and I can see it on a male of all ages

    Owen: Love Owen. I can easily see this on a man of all ages too (admittedly these men are all Welsh in my head). A lovely name which fits in perfectly with Sam and Charlie.

    Kai: He is very cool. I love all the sea-related meanings myself and don't see it as downmarket at all. I've seen it used across the social classes over here. The trouble I have with Kai is that I can only envisage it on a young boy, not an adult :/

    Overall, I think Nathan and Owen fit in much better with names like Samuel, Charles, Jack, Caleb, Everett than Grayson, Boaz or Bailey do

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    Nathan and Owen fit your style, but Kai not so much. I get a very different image from Kai than I do from your other favorites. Boaz is out of place too; it's a rare find, whereas the other eleven are at least familiar to the average person.

    From your current top twelve, I would strike Boaz and Bailey and replace them with Nathan and Owen. From there it's hard for me to get it down to a top ten. If I let my personal taste interfere, your top ten would be Caleb, Everett, Asher, Jack, Grayson, Spencer, Samuel, Charles, Nathan, and Owen.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Thanks, ladies!

    @pinkballerina - I don't know, I keep coming across all these connection to the name Owen, and I'm loving all of them! I'm not sure about actually using it, but I am quite liking it, and it has been on my list in the past as a MN (Daniel Owen). I do sort of like Eoin, and while I generally prefer the original Gaelic spellings, here I prefer Owen. As for Kai--I had always seen it that way, too--or at least, for the past several months/couple years. But every time I see it used in Scandinavia/Germany, it seems to always have this classy sort of charming European light to it, and I'm really loving it because of that. I saw the double-barrel Kai-Peter the other day, and I'm massively in love with that. As for Boaz, it has a very special tie to my grandmother who passed away in 2010, so for now, it stays. I know it's really different from the rest of my list, but for some reason I don't really like it as a MN. And Beau doesn't hold the same tie at all, although I'd probably call him Beau/Bo a lot. I think Sam, Charlie, and Beau would be adorable for brothers.

    @charlieandperry1 - thanks for your thoughts! It's good to know that Kai's not downmarket everywhere. I'm also thinking of possibly using Schuyler nn Kai, too. I suppose I could spell it Cuy/Chuy, but I like the Kai spelling so much more. I love that Schuyler means "scholar", too. I'm just not sure I can see me using Schuyler, even though I love it. Unfortunately, at this point, none of those three are going anywhere (that's my problem, my top 9 is set, and I really don't want to let go of Samuel, Charles, or Boaz--I love them all pretty much equally!). Grayson and Boaz honor both my grandmothers, and I've loved Bailey for eons upon eons. And for now, I'm nowhere near having children of my own, so I'm not terribly opposed to having a less-than-perfect top 10--I just don't want an unmanageable list...

    I think Nathan's out--I seem to have a love-hate relationship with it. I do like Nate but I can't really see me with a Nathan. I did like a bunch of ties to it, but I think it was mainly because I read a sweet story with a good Nathan in it, and it made me crush on it for a while, but I can never seem to commit to Nathan/Nathaniel. Owen and Kai are much more likely to make the cut.

    Thoughts on Schuyler nn Kai? Is that an improvement to just Kai at all?

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