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    Why do I feel guilty that my daughter has a popular name?

    Ok, so I convinced myself that I didn't care that the name Olivia was popular when I was pregnant. I had never heard anyone with the name before (obviously I don't know a lot of little kids). The name was new and different to me & my husband. I thought it was perfect- feminine and vintage. Just a beautiful name. Then after we decided on it... I saw it was mega popular. What? No way I thought! What about Jessica, Ashley- those were popular names. Not Olivia!

    I didn't want to give my daughter a popular name because, like all moms, I thought she is going to be sooo special she needs a unique name. But I couldn't think of any name I liked better. So, when I was pregant, I told myself I didn't care it was popular. But now she is 2 and I do care!! Now she is in a dance class with 8 girls and 4 are named Olivia. It is crazy cause there are no Isabellas, Sophias, Emmas... just Olivias!

    I somehow feel like I let her down by giving her a popular name even though it is a beautiful name. I really think about it all the time. Am I crazy to feel this way? I have actually started calling her by her middle name when we are at home. My poor child is probably so confused. I don't know what to do. Any advice is appreciated!

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    I totally understand! Can you give her a cute nickname? What's her middle name? She'll eventually get a nickname from her friends/teachers if there's that many Olivias. Or people will call her by her last name. I say give her a nickname before someone else gives her one - just in case it's ugly, lol.

    Good luck!
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    Olivia is a beautiful name! For me, it brings up an image of a strong, independent woman who fights for what is right. (I might be a little obsessed with Fringe and L&O:SVU). I rarely like popular names, but I love Olivia.

    You said you've been using her MN, what is it? There are awesome nicknames with Olivia--Ollie, Liv, Livvie, Livia, Via... They can add a bit of pizzazz and uniqueness to a popular name.
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    I call her Liv Scarlett

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    One of my favorite nn for Olivia is Livy--I think it's fun but not overly popular.
    I understand feeling sad, but do know that not every class she's in will be like that.
    I know a good number of kids and only 1 Olivia. It's popularity isn't nearly to the same extreme as Ashley or Jennifer was, there are so many more names that are used now than there used to be.

    I know all this might not make you feel better, but I think suddenly calling her by a different name will make her feel ashamed of her name or like it's not as good as a name that others don't have. It's a beautiful name! You knew it before and you should stay confident in it.
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