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    What do you think of these? Sibsets?

    I have sort of been ignoring my boys list, because for some reason girls names are just easier for me. But I just realized that I know for sure what my first 2 girls names will be, and I have no clue on boys names. I don't even have a top 5! just a random list of things I came across and didn't hate.
    So, what do you think of these? Honest opinions please!


    What do you think in general? Do any of them make good sibsets? Also afraid they don't go well with the girls names I like (1st 2 will be nn Cassie and Elise, also like Rosalie, Kensington, McKenna for girls).

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    Cullen is the only one on your list I seriously dislike. I don't think I'd have liked it anyway, but Twilight seriously put the nail in that coffin for good, along with a lot of other good names I might have otherwise liked or loved or tolerated.

    With that exception, though, all of these are really good, solid names. I like Braxton and Cade a little less, and Everett, Blake, and Maddox a little more. Bennett is one that's growing on me.

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    I really like Adam & Mason from your list
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    LOVE Everett from your list! I also really like Adam, Emmett, and Bennett. I like the idea of Maddox, because it feels surnamey-ish like Everett, Emmett, and Bennett, and it's also a bit sensitive due to the nn Max, which I love! I don't actually love Maddox, but I do like the image it gives off, and I love Max. I think Everett, Adam, and Max would be great for brothers.
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    Adam is my favorite from my list! It's a great, classic biblical name that you don't hear much anymore.

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