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    A brother for Archer & Leo

    This is hypothetical - we're not TTC just yet. I need help coming up with a 3rd boy name, why are they so difficult?
    My top two right now are Archer Gregory James & Leo Benjamin North. There are three more I absolutely love but I cannot use them... Finn, Hugo and Beau.
    What would you suggest? I have a short list of other names but none of them feel right...

    Donovan - honors grandpa Donald but we would use the nn Van
    Ewan - hubby loves this... I'm not sure
    Forrest - is it still too Forrest Gump?
    Sullivan - again we like the nn Van, Sully is OK too
    Vance - does this sound made up?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I really like Vance, Rhys & Simon! Any of them would go great with brothers Leo & Archer. I don't think that Vance sounds made up. I think it sounds very cool.

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    I really love Ewan/Euan too. I also like your choices Rhys and Jude. For me i hear Forrest i think gump!! (Sorry!!)
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    My first thought was Elliot. From your list, I like Simon.

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