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    Recommendations based on signatures game

    So the rules of this game is that you look at the signature of the person before you (if they don't have a signature they must suggest a few names they like at the end of their post).
    You then make a recommendation of two names (boy and girl) that aren't on their list but that you think they would like. For example, if the person before me had Lola Rose, Gracie Pearl and Jemima Bliss, I would suggest Posy Lynn.

    I'll start. Check out my signature below:
    Rowan Olivia - Alice Eleanor - Piper Skye - Viola Helena - Tansy Hannah - Agnes-Rue Penelope - Josephine Isabel - Hester Willow - Clara Tamar - Phaedra Robyn - Rose Madeleine - Serafina Ruby - Beatrice Grace - Ishbel Solace - Violet Honor - Elowen Romy - Susie Harriet - Evie Laura - Stella Bliss - Emma Penrose - Celeste Scout

    Stanley Isaac - Kit Jacob - Milo Emil - Todd Alfred - Owen Thomas - Harry Boniface - Gabriel William - Theo Noah - Fergus Nicholas - Prosper Jem - Frank Samson

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    Mary, Esther, Constance, Flora, Yuki, Odelia, Camellia, Dossie, Susanna, Nanon, Francesca, Thea, Tabitha, Anouk, Amadea, Quintina, Magnolia, Gardenia, Raphaela, Willa, Hattie, Marina, Adelina, Fenella, Paviana, Ysella, Theodora, Clea, Momoka, Mirabelle, Dominica.

    Abraham, Ignatius, Marius, Amadeus, Amias, Bram, Bertie, Moses, Wolfgang, Dossie, Ivo, Enzo, Donovan, Pello, Ezekiel, Barnabas, Dougal, Linus, Tadeo, Roland, Edgar, Monty, Winston, Remy, Obadiah, Rex, Horatio.

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    Downton Abbey
    Kirsty Emma Jayde Poppy Lauren Grace Ella Marigold Jayne Rosie Charlotte Mae
    Millie Florence Anne Amelie Sophia Rose Daisie Madeleine Eve Honey Martha Jane

    Thomas Aaron Michael Jamie Alexander Rhys Andrew Lachlan James Daniel Patrick Joshua
    Henry Christopher Louis Matthew Edward John Freddie Adam George Charlie Bennett Joel

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    ♥ Scarlett ♥ Alice ♥ Holly ♥ Isobel ♥ Mia ♥ Olivia ♥ Sadie ♥ Rose ♥ Darcy ♥ Isla ♥

    + Dylan + Hayden + Noah + Jasper + Elliot + Oscar + Finn + Dax + Harvey + Maddox +

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    Names that make me happy:

    Casper Hugh, August Raphael, Henrik Fox & Mabel October, Esme Valentina, Astrid Winter
    Thinking About: Azula Vivienne & Magnus Colin

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