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    In labor - pls help Lillian or Lily or Emily

    In labor - need your help. Lillian Olivia Smith nn Lily or Lily Olivia Smith or Emily Olivia Smith?
    What do you like best out of the three?
    Thank you so much!!!!

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    I like elegant Lillian much more than overused Lily. And the 3-4-1 syllable count in Lillian Olivia Smith works very well.

    Lily seems perpetually sunny and little-girly to me, whereas Lillian is more complex. As you noted you always have Lily to fall back on with the given name Lillian, but not vice versa.
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    In labour? Get off nameberry lol.

    In order, I like Emily, Lillian, then Lily. I actually prefer Olivia as the first name though.

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    I vote Lily! Lily Olivia sounds adorable.

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    I like Lily too! Lillian and Emily are both boring to me. Lily Olivia is beautiful. Congrats!
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