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Thread: too much name?

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    I think it is a beautiful combo. If it were me - her nn would be Daisy.

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    It's beautiful. Margaret Ophelia / Greta Ophelia is one of my favourite names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabbygrace1915 View Post
    Even if it is a little long, it is still lovely! Although, if you have a long last name, I would think about using a shorter middle name
    I second this!

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    7 syllables is a lot, but it is pretty. All of those French names which emphasize the last syllable, like Marguerite, do often strike the ear better in the middle slot.

    Personally I like Marguerite much, much more than Margaret, as it seems much lighter.
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    It's undeniably very pretty. I agree that Ophelia Marguerite has a better flow but am not overly fond of Ophelia as a first name - the literary tie is too strong for me. Do you like Marguerite Odile, perhaps?
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