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    Gloria vs Glorianna vs Gloretha

    We are looking at 3 variations of Gloria for a first name, the nickname will be Glory but we want something that sounds a bit more "adult" for the professional world. Still deciding on a middle name. If you know another variation, please let me know.

    Gloria (GLOR ee ah) - like but doesn't quite have that special spark, but it's nice and usable

    Gloretha (gloh RETH ah) - love but not sure if it works in modern society as a first name, it's more Civil War era and I absolutely adore it, kind of a guilty pleasure

    Glorianna (GLOR ee ah nah) - see Gloria, also could be mispronounced as GLOR ee an ah
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    Okay, I'm prejudice since Gloria is my mother's name and I am hoping for a granddaughter named Gloria one day. I also like Glorianna but Gloretha leaves me flat.

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    I voted for Gloria. Gloretha would be prettier-sounding as Glorietha, and I also like Glorietta. Gloria by itself is very elegant, and I love the nickname Glory!
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    Simpler is better. Gloria.

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    Gloria for sure. Gloretha looks like a smoosh of Gloria and Aretha.
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